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  2. Hello, I would like to personally thank you for every thing you have done to help me. It is now all working and the documents are showing as expected! Thank you again -Mini
  3. Thanks, I will retry doing this save edit now and see if anything works better now that I have reinstalled ETS2. Can I leave the game save format as 0 and not change it to 2 like some other tutorials say to do? Thanks.
  4. Hey, I followed all instructions correctly, but it says that my profile was last updated in the middle of November, even though I have made multiple saves. All I have of an "updated" profile is one of the .bak ones. When using the SII decryptor on the old save, weirdly, this is what I get in the file.. No thing about nameless etc, could you help?
  5. Doesn't work.. It says the last time I played on my profile was middle of November but I have played on it loads and saved loads Also it isn't showing any of my trailers in that save from back then
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