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  1. two tours and lost interesst in it .. badly done , laggy as F and way too timeconsuming ... the bridge constructing event in Italy was fun , this one not . roaming back and forth for every trailer individualy ??? Nope not with me ...
  2. Clearly the MAN E6 .... the Allround tool for any job. the only truck i use and own since 2,5 Years anyway .... no need for anything else.
  3. Pro Tip: dont waste any Money on Schmokia or Gayvo . there is no benefit in getting them other then being one of many sheeps with the same bad taste. any job can be done with any truck. remember "real Truck" not swedish plastic box on wheels ....
  4. why ?? because they can. leave the Meta to the Betas and let do real man do their work.. every job can be done with 300HP. "Metas" who need 750 HP to drag edited 2Tons cargos are just Cringeworthy AF..
  5. allways the same lame excuse. it dosnt matter if a crowded place or alone in the romanian carpartes set the speedlimit to 80 and stop crying. ppl drive 8k kilometer tours without seeing others for weeks and still go on with 80....
  6. thats some old news ... the home local directory path had been changed two years ago ... there is no home folder anymore. and indeed the truckersmp engine try to replace things with vanilla parts. thats why mods that use vanilla data work best. and savegame edits or def. flicks can be addapted and infused.
  7. not sure why everyone is so hyped about it.... its so boring that german Universities use it as a test field for artificial control systems. they send AI trucks down the road and non of them got any trouble to get the job done and return without a dent. if brainless Ai codes manage to do so it leaves a bad spot on those who have trouble with it.... imagine how embarrassing it is to be dumber than a bot.
  8. its already used in a small scale in the convoy mode. im slowly tired of reading all these lame myths and excuses ... dont even trying if it is plausible but already craping about its not going to be done .... remove the cars and you got enogh processing capasitys to get them running.
  9. For the truck i prefer a Decent and realistic setup like i see it in my area. for the trailer i prefer them short in every shape and color since this is the core concept of my companie. other then that i like to use a "Boots with different Laces" setup where the "Companie im driving for" (winky pinky ) gets the spotlight in cases it get over my head i return to basics with a rental curtain
  10. actually there is non . custom skins or orders of those are a scetchy thing. most skinner just dont want to deal with it . unless you do the heavy lifting with the design and composing . i know a few .... they call themselfs Skinworks .... you wait almost 3 months and get a awfull quality ...
  11. - every vtc got a HQ already - there is barly any stock truck around so whats the point ?? - background archivements via simple UI ... you got a add-on team for such a thing dont you ??
  12. Got my own since one year and almost a month ... i dont know whats harder ....keep it up with others on your one pace , or be an good Employee for others. had been in a few VTC before , got bored of it after some time. i restarted my buisness , quit tracking for statistics , no Trucksbook no Spedv , just do for my self and my goals i want to reach.
  13. Discord link für den fall das jemand sich für den Konvoi überhaupt interessiert : https://discord.gg/XtJMqxMK3v
  14. whats the matter?? are you afraid of the truth?? i got enogh evidence to let Kaspersky check on it. next to other things. funny how ppl try to tell you what you do or don´t. especialy when russians are involved or adressed. "our things are faulty?? No never , impossible , rumors , Heresy" i would recomment you shut up befor you lose you creditablity ...or the last bit that left of it.
  15. is this a russian thing to twist facts around ?? im running a security and analysis program in the background since a few tools turn out to be malicious. and while running VTC world i noticed it constantly try to access my document and data Storage , media , textfiles , pdf´s and other thing unrelated to the game. i got no problem if it only tab to the API stream , but my logs , numbers and networksettings are non of your business. Trucker VS used to spy on their users with the same method .... at the end theyre client got listed as Spyware after i send my summary to Kasparsky to be checked.
  16. Since i dont have to trade testicles for Enginepower like all the Meta loser , i rather stick with something that is truely Manly. something to work with and makes you bollos grow with every Kilometer you go with it.
  17. SCS had Spoilerd their plans to add some kind of driving school ......including how to steer them around the corner as well. had been at the beginning of 19 or 2020... since its vanilla it could be adapted to the client. also the 2 hours regulation is not hardcoded i managed to enter the server with 0 hours in game and a new profile. i trolled the living crap out of the other ppl that day and suprise .... i could still go on since the testaccount never seen a ban.
  18. will this nonsense ever stop?? staff confirmed they will never change the speedlimit back to old values again since it was a fail. with the next step of Road to Simulation its more likely we will go with with national speedlimit regulations instead. we once had a nice catalog of European Regulations for Semis listet form A to Z .... and again only because some Bulgarian , Turkish , Aussie , or English Goatheads threw their Brains out of the Window dosnt mean its the norm.
  19. i forgot to say you are about to open pandoras box .... ppl will abuse it to just transport vaccines and screw up the marked even more. get to clownlais with cargo that got troll potential on purpose block the listing on purpose
  20. lol pick the same wot job at the same time and the whole bunch got it... old news. adding the convoymanager to the client ..... ZZzzzz ... you would need to try harder .... where is the tipper trailer you promised us last year btw. ???
  21. SV is the fastest way to F- up and Lose your Profile. easy way is to pick up wot jobs at the same time. at least they are save.
  22. i actually stoped playing on TMP because of the Convoy option. the paths are shorter , i dont have to deal with trolls and morrons lagspikes and other things i didnt ask for. it might be limited by now but its still more fun then TMP is today. just like i said before the majority of all player are bunched up at c-d and render the whole thing unfun and boring. the other portion of the map is just empty so there is no point to waste any more time on a multiplayer without multiple player around. also the convoy got 1000% more social live in it in one hour then TMP in one year. unless the staff dont bring out something special that make it stand out form the rest i dont see any need to come back any time soon. TMP had been the "Only" thing for a long time .... doe the luck of alternatives you just go on and endure all the flaws it have. even hosting a server all alone is more fun then doing the lone wolf in TMP.
  23. removing the timer would help ... otherwise its pointless for 20 ppl to flag a troll and this troll gets away with a timeout .. and by the way someone have to police Darwen and co´s attempts to stir the crap up with their missleading Videos and episodes ... they are responsible for this bad situation. they forced this Trollflood upon us nobody asked for.
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