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  1. Well yes, with no collision it's basically playing on an empty server, cause i don't have to be carefull to hit anybody. Other players are irrelevant.
  2. Without collision i might aswell play on singleplayer without traffic on empty roads. There's really no difference, which makes arcade server pointless like i stated before.
  3. Because nobody plays on the arcade server and there's no collision. Tbh arcade server is kinda pointless. I can go on singleplayer, disable traffic in console and i will have exactly the same experience with endless empty roads.
  4. I agree, the server is so boring now. You don't even see anyone on the long hauls anymore, cause everyone drives at the same speed so it's impossible to catch up to anyone, and nobody overtakes you cause they can't go faster than you. Also cars sometimes go over 200km irl, yeah it isnt safe but at least they can do it. Personally i think this is the worst change. It removes the diversity from the game.
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