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  1. Hi. I have downgraded my ETS2 game to or something like that. But the Truckers MP program says it supports version of the game. So I cant play online at the moment. Any solutions for me?
  2. Its a shame the original parking spaces are too easy to park and navigate.
  3. I do apologize for the late reply. I'm really busy at work, but thanks for all of your interest. I'll start searching for a new challenge spot in a couple of days. Meanwhile here is my attempt at Challenge numero uno. Would like to see yours too of course. And lastly would you fellas like a save file with the truck already stationery on the spot to do the challenge? Would be quicker I guess.
  4. Thanks Truckerpilot. Some challenges will be available in MP too.
  5. Truckers MP Icarus Parking Challenges Hello fellow drivers. I've been driving on MP for a bit and really enjoy the challenges on the road. But as a real truck driver the biggest challenge and the most anxiety I get is when I have to park somewhere where sometimes I think its not even doable. So I thought of practicing it in game and wanted to share these upcoming challenges with you. Everyone can drive forward but lets show our skills driving backwards, it should be a big part of the game too as it is in real life. A video of the location and park
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