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  1. Its a shame the original parking spaces are too easy to park and navigate.
  2. I do apologize for the late reply. I'm really busy at work, but thanks for all of your interest. I'll start searching for a new challenge spot in a couple of days. Meanwhile here is my attempt at Challenge numero uno. Would like to see yours too of course. And lastly would you fellas like a save file with the truck already stationery on the spot to do the challenge? Would be quicker I guess.
  3. Thanks Truckerpilot. Some challenges will be available in MP too.
  4. Truckers MP Icarus Parking Challenges Hello fellow drivers. I've been driving on MP for a bit and really enjoy the challenges on the road. But as a real truck driver the biggest challenge and the most anxiety I get is when I have to park somewhere where sometimes I think its not even doable. So I thought of practicing it in game and wanted to share these upcoming challenges with you. Everyone can drive forward but lets show our skills driving backwards, it should be a big part of the game too as it is in real life. A video of the location and parking spot is going to be posted showing you the challenge and objects around you. A point system might be added in the future for example : completing the challenge within a certain time limit or using fewer pull ups forward. Let me explain a few rules I will have for these challenges. Video evidence has to be posted as a reply to this thread! I will post mine just before the next challenge announcement. To get to the starting spot sometimes you will need to use the teleport function. Interior cam only with mirrors while driving only. Using exterior mode allowed while parked. No collisions with objects and cars allowed No driving over sidewalks A number of pull ups forward might be allowed per challenge. Extra rules might come in the future as we go on and see how we do. I will add challenges weekly but feel free to do all of them. Challenge #1 Magdeburg No collisions with objects and cars allowed No driving over sidewalks Two pull ups forward to the front allowed Show us what you got! Good luck!
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