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  1. Hey, I have finished reading your letters. Thank you for your patience and I think it can be really helpful and I totally agree what you have written : )
  2. @Daniel_Agostinho Thanks for the video you offered. I think the video is quite reliable. As seen from the video, you can choose the gearbox according to the cargo you prefer : )
  3. Hi, from my viewpoint, that speed limit is reasonable. Firstly reaction need time so it is better to keep the speed limit in a safe range. Then if the speed is too high, trucks are quite easy to lose control and the traffic accident will happen. Next, not every trucker has a good driving skill to deal with the emergency in a right way. Those may be the reason why the speed limit is 110km/h.
  4. I am expecting the next map dlc thought I enjoy black sea a lot : ) Btw, I am using keyboard and mouse.
  5. Got it, thank you for you help! Best regards, 404/イリヤ Chenxi VTC member
  6. Well, first of all, I like driving very much and then driving trucks with cargo is kindly skillful in some ways. Next, I like simulation game and ETS2 comforts me well. Moreover, convoy is really amazing!
  7. From my viewpoint, firstly, not all truckers own all map DLCs, and then it is not quite convenient to find how to download and install promods file in promods' website, next, truckers cannot do the World of Truck missions in the promods server. In the end, promods' map is so huge that it is not easy for every trucker to see each other. Maybe that are the reasons : ) Btw, I owned promods already <3 Best regards [Chenxi/404]*イリヤ---Chenxi VTC's member
  8. Thank you very much! Could you please tell me how to modify the horn.sii file? I think I just cannot find the horn.ssi file in the folder.
  9. Sorry, the question has not been solved yet Well, maybe not. During the game I heard that kind of horn from Volvo and Scania. Maybe that kind of horn sounds like American truck's air horn.
  10. Hello guys, I need your help. Except the air horn, I can always hear a electric horn with high tone and decibel, but that is not the normal electric horn. I just cannot find out how to change the electric horn's voice, how can I change the horn voice with high tone and decibel?
  11. Absolutely. Because I love this game and this DLC looks wonderful in the video. Moreover, I think this DLC will affect promods XD.
  12. A really nice suggestion ! But from my viewpoint, it's a good choice to keep this speed limit. Because, for everyone, it's a common sense for truckers to make mistakes such as do not focus on the screen. Moreover, we have Arcade. So it will be a good choice to go to Arcade if you want to get a higher speed.
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