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  1. You mean a situation like this?: somethimes near citys while you still driving on the motorway, you get a message that you entered a city and thus the city speed limit kicks in, forcing your truck from 110 to 60. And while you drive further away from said city, you get a message you are leaving the city and you can drive 110. Insn't that because TMP city speed limit is based on the city borders SCS implement in the map? Example: Think about it this way, draw an imaginary cirkel around any city on the map, those are city borders implemented by SCS (when you hit such border, you discovered said city) Now anything within that imaginary cirkel technicaly is city envoirment, including some stretches of highway. Tmp follows these border for their 60km/h speed limit, thus making some highways around a city suddenly a 60 zone. It's a simple example to back up the statement, so in reality it might be a bit different in game.
  2. ETS2 in general: - It's relaxing, and quite realistic with different real truck and trailer brands. - The game is made in a way it is higly simulative as well as arcade friendly - Also the comunity ETS2 has, they are very helpfull. (Even the developers will help you out in some cases) - The fact the developers make the game accesible for your average player and hardcore modder to make mods and changes in alot of the aspects ingame. - The game still recieves alot of love and frequent updates packed with new features and updates for older features, even after almost 8 years! - The fact SCS does alot for charity via events or special content. Which brings the comunity together in order to achieve a certain goal. -...... What I like about TMP: Mainly just the fact you can drive with anyone, anywhere on the planet.
  3. @Ouskiller You know that speed affects driving and you know what speeding can cause, yet you can't seem to figure out why your truck went flying? Okay... I'll explain, bacuase you're "scratching your paint" @140km/h. Read: 140km/h. The game physics are broken to you because you are not driving as you suposed to. Nothing more, nothing less. As why you may encounter issues with last few versions of the game, probably because they changed alot of physics back then, and your driving style clearly can't handle those new physics. Again, this is a sim. Play it as a sim and you won't have problems, period. And sure, go ahead, show me some footage of you having those physics problems in sp, cause I have non, and I'm curious as to why you have so much problems. I ocasionaly bump into cars or objects now and then, and that happens to everybody. But as long as you are not driving like a maniac, the physics won't break your truck or the game. It's probably a totaly different story if you drive 150, or crash head on with traffic at even lower speeds, but do not forget this is a driving simulator, not a crash similator so you are not suposed to crash anyways. The physics are in the game to simulate the driving experience, not the crash. So if you crash alot ingame and break the physics, it's time to reconsider your driving style. So no need to blame SCS for that. Edit: I justed watched some of your "physics ranting" vidoeos on your yt channel. You drive like a lunatic in almost all of them, completely throwing every simulation aspect through the window, but still complaining about the physics.. Anyways, Those videos are a joke, and a clear proof you can't be bothered about simulation. I just can't take you seriously after seing those. And if you think I'm still in the wrong, send those videos in a bug report on the SCS forum. Start by gathering videos from physics bugs in singleplayer while you play by the rules. Then I would consider taking you seriously. With that being said, I rest my case. Drive safe
  4. @Ouskiller You totaly missed the point here. SCS is tweaking their physics for SP, not MP and i'll be honnest, I have over 1500hrs, 75% of it is in singleplayer, and I can't remember having any issue with physics being broken (in singleplayer). Why? Because I know how to properly drive ingame. Tho i'm not gonna argue physics are not an issue in multiplayer, cause they are, but that is not at SCS to fix, because they have nothing to do with MP. And the video you showed is another example on how to NOT drive a truck. Dude, you're cornering @140?! "scratching your paint" hahaha. What do you expect? Why don't you start playing the game as you supposed to, as a sim! You'll see, life in the land of physics is gonna be alot better if you behave! I promise! Note, my best guess as for the reason you did not flip your truck, is cause you probably have all your suspension settings set to max stifness, and that is clearly visable since the cab, chassis and trailer are barely moving or tilting. And you probably hauling an empty trailer, because you are at 140 from 110 in notime. Hence you did not flip over. That gives me an indication you cannot be bothered at all when it comes to the simulation aspect of the game. So again, I don't understand why you complain and blame SCS for the physics when as far as I can see you cannot be bothered to drive like you supposed to.
  5. 1) Why do you keep thinking that this is a problem which SCS caused? I do not have any issues in sp with flying trucks, broken physics, cars falling thrugh the map,... SCS never designed their sims (yes they are sims) to be reversed enginered in a third party multiplayer application (which looks more like a Wreckfest or NFS edition of ETS2 and ATS in alot of cases) bringing tons of ppl from different regions around the world together in one map. Which offcourse will cause syncing issues, which we cearly can see when 2 trucks colide, or a car and truck colide as they fly away in all directions. This is an issue with tmp, not SCS. SCS is tweaking their physics for singleplayer, NOT multiplayer. Since you think this is an issue with SCS, i suggest you file in a bug report with the physics issues you seem to have in game over on their official forum. Again, ETS2 & ATS were never designed with a mp mode in mind. 2) you clearly state you can't be bothered on speed limits, yet you complain about the physics being broken at that point, and blaming SCS for it whilst technicly you are supposed to play by the rules (bc yeah, it's called a simulator, you know) and only in a singlelayer enviorment as the game was originaly tended to. Bit selfish at this point innit?
  6. I didn't state you said that tho that was just my thinking on this. Well fact is, they don't need to release anything. And by pushing SCS to release info about a possible feature is not gonna do anything good if only adding frustrations. I mean look at the blog posts, there are always a few that DEMAND info about rigids, new maps, or coaches. I mean why? Just sit your *ss tight and wait for official confirmation. SCS has their own policy not to hint or tease anything before they at least have 100% confirmation the feature will make it to the game, and some stuff might not even make it to the game, so yeah.. And hinting and teasing to early could also compromise further negotiatons with the different organizations they work together with. It's really a good thing they are very carefull with the info they release. If they say it is still a WIP, it is still a WIP, end of story. I know alot of ppl are hyped for stuff like this.. But sometimes you just gotta roll with the dices and accept the fact it is still a WIP and SCS won't release much info on this topic. Pushing won't help.
  7. Hence the reason there is an [Url=https://forum.scssoft.com]Official Forum[/url] EDIT: is this BB code not working here?? . Ever thought about searching there for a similar topic? (There are quite a few topics and loads off info to find about a possible Euro Coach DLC) You're not gonna achieve anything by contacting SCS directly (and that kinda makes sence, doesn't it?), as ScaniaFan89 stated. The developers only post on their own platforms, like the blog, the forum, twitter,... That being said, a Coach DLC is being worked on in the background. The project is not dead, it's just a slow WIP. Source: one of the SCS livestreams on Youtube. IMO they should NOT put a possible Coach DLC high on the priority list, as this still is a truck game, and I rather want see them focusing on further devoloping the features, trucks and trailers. Tho it's good to know it is still being worked on from time to time.
  8. Well, guess I'll have to start learning about that any tips or tutoriouls you know off? I did all my trailer modifications via save edit..
  9. So today I noticed this post by Max from SCS Software over on their official forum: https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=280827#p280827 This was posted very recent I think, as I was able to donwload the program a few weeks ago. (Yeah, I am aware that the time stamp on Max's post says 20 august 2014, but he probably edited his original post recently. Normally this is visable when a post is edited afterwards in some way, but i guess that rule doesn't apply to the Yellows (SCS Staff) on the forum.) As he stated, they gonna limit (?drop?) support for their inhouse build save game decrypter, which probably means you will not be able to acces your save game files and do all sorts of handy stuff, like save edited trailers, save edited truck accessoires, etc etc.... Even money edit and xp edit won't be possible anymore.. Why? Well, Max stated in said post also that save game files are filled with huge amounts of data, basicly almost everything you do in the game like buying garages, buying and pimping trucks and trailers, every accesory you put on your trucks and trailers, hiring drivers and assigning them,... as well personal data from your profile, discovered towns and citys,... is stored in that one SII file. Alot of that data is "connected" to eachother in a way if you alter one thing, you could break your whole save file, making it useless and causing crashes, bugs,... - Which for SCS proves hard to detect sometimes when you for example file in a bug report on their forum if I understand Max's post correctly. At the time posting this, save games can still be decrypted using the decrypter (that is, if you still have the decrypter on your pc since the program is wiped of the internet and can't be found anywhere..) Does this mean we can still use the decrypter in future updates of the game, or do you think SCS will bring out an update that locks (encrypts) the save files again and making the decrypter unusable? And if SCS decides to encrypt thier files again, I don't think there will be a way for a hobby/pro programmer (like some of the TMP Staff) to design a decrypter, since you'll need a custom algorithm to crack SCS's code. And that would prove a difficult task I think even for your most seasoned programmer/hacker. The encrypted files are not excactly just a bunch of binary 0's and 1's. Anyways, I don't want to jump conclusions to early, so we will have to wait and see..
  10. IMHO some youtubers (tony in particular) are part of the whole "problem" tmp has regarding trolls and recless behavior. People see clips like that on yt and think it's okay to drive recless in a sim game. And don't forget the 5 seconds of fame ppl get when they send over clips to yoitubers. Which leads to recless driving to get the footage. Why am I picking on Tony in particular? He just can't behave in a sim enviorment, speeding, chasing others as close as he can, not braking when he sees accident infront, or brakes at last second stopping almost on the spot, overtaking recless,... Another thing, if you scroll through the comments you see alot of Tony747 fanboys reacting like "Oh wow Tony! You're the best driver ever!" Or "You should be an admin!" Says it all, does it? What youtubers should do is showing an example to their viewers on how to behave properly in a simulation mp envoirment, respecting rules and other players. I know quite a few youtubers that actually behave like they should in mp, but they sadly don't have the amount of subs some of the idiot on the road youtubers have. Obviously. The whole idiot on the road thing is just toxic af IMO, and just puts ETS2 and MP in a bad daylight overall, atrecting trolls and recless ppl. And it's really sad to see TMP (or singleplayer for that mather) being treated like this for the views, fame and money. Sad, just sad..
  11. Suggestion name: Titel Suggestion discription: Titel Why should it be added: it's just such a handy and nice feauture to preview your post before sending it out. It kinda surprises me this is not already implemented tbh? Image: /
  12. I've got way to much stuff going on (and this is on a good day)
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