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  1. I'm glad the forum is back up!, good work!

  2. Ok thank you for answering my question. I find ATSMP more stable on FPS when you have alot of drivers around, which could be the optimized 64bit code
  3. Can the 64 bit support give any advantages for the mod? More memory acces, etc? Can we expect any new feature due to 64 bit support? Kind Regards, Dennis
  4. I see EU3 is online... Only for beta testers I think. Good luck finding those bugs ;D

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    2. dogidog


      with M1A2 Abrams :P

    3. zyprexia


      They're probably are testing the upcoming 1.18 release..

    4. Gonzalez


      They're more than likely chasing eachother around in police cars :P

  5. Waiting for the Update, Good job Team!

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    2. Heemse


      Mwl and Rootkiller now.

    3. WarMaz


      lol haha :) I would like to have a server for me :D

    4. konfig0


      0.1.2 out now, including winter mod

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