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  1. (Greetings,I dont really know if it was already suggested so i just type it down here.) Suggestion name: Server designed for banned or differently punished players Description: What about making a server designed only for players who got banned because of reckless driving, blocking, etc.. ? Instead of getting full ban to TMP servers they would have temporary access only to this server with properties of regular simulation where they are forced to play with other reckless drivers and tasting own medicine. I think it may be better use instead of Arcade servers. Simulation server would be more free of these drivers and they would have their own server for their "play style". For example instead of full ban for 5 days they would get access only to that punishment server for 20 days. (4 times longer each time) Why it should be added: 1.) Better use of almost empty Arcade servers 2.) Less reckless drivers in Simulation or Promods servers 3.) Punished players can play on TMP but only on this designed server and probably getting their own medicine by other reckless drivers
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