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  1. Hi, Developer of LogIt here ? If you are experiencing issues with LogIt I recommend you hop on over to the VTLOG discord and create a support ticket there with us so we can properly help you out. In general though, if you are experiencing crashes on startup (when you click ok on the SDK prompt) you can do the follow steps to try and fix the issue: - Make sure you do not have any old legacy versions installed. (If you used early versions of LogIt you may have it still installed, check your game.log file for clues as to where you can find it and delete it) - Make sure you have the latest version of LogIt, you can do this by reinstalling it using the installer. - Disable the in-game overlay via the LogIt settings in the VTLOG website.
  2. The game acctually has its own developer SDK you can use to get a lot of this information from. https://modding.scssoft.com/wiki/Documentation/Engine/SDK/Telemetry From its built in documentation these are the events supported out of the box: /** * @brief Fine offence type. * * Possible values: * @li crash * @li avoid_sleeping * @li wrong_way * @li speeding_camera * @li no_lights * @li red_signal * @li speeding * @li avoid_weighing * @li illegal_trailer * @li generic * * Type: string */ As an example, I write the job logger for vtlog and we use more or less all the data from this sdk to log job and send it in realtime to our servers so its fully possible. A thing to note is that not all these events are instant. These are only fine events so you have to be fined in-game before its triggered.
  3. Your new error indicates that your php install does not have the apc exstension installed. You'd need to install this. This isnt an issue with cachet, but more of a server misconfiguration. (And just for the record, yeah the previous error was because you had not edited the mysql details in the env file)
  4. PyInstaller og py2exe are my goto tools for this task (Either one of them will get the job done)
  5. Steam is currently experiencing issues third-party openID logins. This means that any website that uses steam authentication may face that their users are having issues logging in. (Like the TruckersMP new account creation, VTLOG, cs:go betting sites, anything...) There isnt a known fix to this problem, nor is there a known estimate on when it will be fixed. The issue has been ongoing for over 10 hours now. We can only speculate what went wrong but at the end of the day the issue lies with steam and their authentication service, meaning that there is litterly nothing we or TMP can do about this issue.
  6. You can use the SCS SDK to get data regarding the player, but not AI traffic that I know of.
  7. @brandonlea To start off with, you need to have decent knowledge of C++ and know how to make plugins for ETS2/ATS. There are no specific guides out there on how to do this. You also need to understand how the SCS SDK works, and how to integrate it into your application. This is obviously if you want to make everything from scratch, there is a pre-made telemetry plugin which allows you to just make an external program that accesses the telemetry data via memory. You need to make all the logic that decides when a job is done, started, etc. You will also need a server side application to receive data from the logger. HTML isnt going to get you that far here other than displaying information. You will need to know a language like PHP, NodeJS, etc.
  8. To directly start the truckersMP mod (without going through their launcher) you need to write a DLL Injector to inject the core DLL into the game process. You need to start the game process (eurotrucks2.exe), then halt it so you can inject the core dll (core_ets2mp.dll) into the game process and then resume the game process.
  9. Mad that the new launcher wont allow for custom UI Packs? Fear not! The Unofficial TruckersMP Launcher got you covered! Allows for UI Packs, automatic updates of the mod and many more features!


    1. derpatrick9
    2. Kat_pw


      We're already working on supporting official texture modifications and fonts ;)

  10. @[GER]Loading... Everything is possible with a little bit of jQuery magic If you got any questions about how the code works, let me know and I'll gladly help out. Tbh, if I were to use it production I would have rewritten it so you would only need one hover event, and make just one CSS class to do the hover colours of the background and non-hovered buttons, but hey, that code works, is easy to understand, and allows for easy customization and its easy to add more colours to it.
  11. @[GER]Loading... Do you want something like this? https://jsfiddle.net/fjoqaooh/153/ GIF: https://gyazo.com/58c1dd48f0bccf1b6574680da75bf50a
  12. @[GER]Loading... I think you are going to have to explain it a bit better. Do you want the background colour of the entire website to change aswell? Do you want the navbar to act like it does im my jsFiddle? The way it changes the rest of their backgrounds.
  13. Its hard to understand excatly what you want, but is it something like this? https://jsfiddle.net/TheUnknownNO/fjoqaooh/142/ GIF: https://gyazo.com/77e8c96341af557e8031dcb5a9c6be5c I wrote some js quickly to manage the colours of the navbar background, aswell as rewriting the entire thing cause it was just confusing the way it was. So like, in this one, the rest of the buttons change to a lighter colour than the one currently being hovered over. Like this: Note: it does require jquery
  14. @Miles! After checking the link which your antivirus shows there, I think I may have an answer to your issue. TruckersMP runs their site over HTTPS, and here on the forum, people are free to include images and similar in their signatures. This is obvisoly going to lead to some unsecure HTTP resources being loaded via forum signatures. However, what your antivirus seems to be doing is ignoring the fact that those are HTTP resources and not HTTPS resources. And not all sites have HTTPS yet. Like the one which is shown in your image. If you go to it on HTTPS you get a plesk landing page with a self signed certificate. So this isnt a sign that everything on here is unsecure, its more a case with your antivirus checking the HTTPS version of the resource, when it is in fact loaded over HTTP. I would say the reason it does this is because the forum here is on HTTPS. In some cases it might be a real warning, but if you ask me, its just a side effect of not all sites using HTTPS, even if they have their webserver configured to accept connections over HTTPS. The webserver loads a self signed certificate which obviosly is not going to be trusted as it cant be linked back to a trusted certificate authority.
  15. The error comes because the launcher is unable to create that directory. (C:\Users\Vasi\Documents\ETS2MP) Try to make that directory yourself, go Into your documents folder and create a ETS2MP folder, if one already exsists, try deleting it.
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