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  1. Passed my heavytrailer test yesterday. Soon ready to drive 24m trucks.

  2. Scania might become swedish again!

    1. Njord


      Not that i think it's always been Swedish since it's still being made in Sweden.

    2. Iveronline


      Then Sweden will be the boss of european trucks, Volvo and Scania.. :D

  3. Drunk truck driver with 2,04 in his blood caught in Sweden but got released day after.. http://www.skovdenyheter.se/artikel/354057/se-vansinneskorningen-med-204-promille This is just wrong..

    1. Njord


      He's from the east europe region and because of that those driver never get punished, they just get back to their trucks when sober and continue driving.

    2. Creatured
    3. Tandre


      I think you´ve missed somthing here, They get in jail for drunk driving, athought the makedonian driver who drive without license are free i think. Sure, there is more of the east-drivers driving drunk. But it´s still a SO small amount.

  4. Had the luck to get in to a truckschool, so next week i will start driving!

    1. Captain_Fat_Beard
    2. SprinterFS


      Start Trucking IRL...


  5. Is the server weird again? traffic lights are stuck and my game is not synced. Nothing wrong with my internet.

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    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      i did forward to this mwl4 he also find it very strange but he says we don't need to be worry :)

    3. KaizerNO


      haha got the same problem Njord :P oh wait.. i guess u know already :P

    4. JeffSFC


      Traffic lights worked for me up until yesterday. Only 2 I came across were stuck.

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