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  1. Hiya, I'm a returning trucker. I've played ETS2 from hardcopy release until about 2 years ago. But I lost that savegame due to not having a good backup from that period in time. Now recently (October19th) I started playing ATS and racked up quite a bunch of miles already (over 50k). I've joined a bunch of guys I met through Twitch and ran with them for the last couple of weeks. Even did a 24h stream with them. But there's my current problem. As they are almost all American and I'm based in the Netherlands there's just too big a time difference. Resulting in me not being able to run with them as much as I would've liked. For instance last sunday morning I managed to do 1 run with them and that was at 6am my time. As you can imagine that starts to break you up. So I'm now looking for another VTC to join that is more active in the hours that I play. Those times being: weekdays 7~8 pm until around 2am and in weekends from around noon until 3~4am (could go a bit over, as usual :D). These are GMT+1 times. At this time I only play ATS as I like that best and haven't really taken the time to setup my ETS2 again. My question however is, how active are you guys during these times? As most Europeans tend to stick with ETS2 and I prefer ATS, I can imagine there won't be too many of you guys online then. I had a look over the weekend and there was just a couple of people playing according to your live map. Hope you can help, Kind Regards, Fred Wouters aka Frostpatch Trucksbook
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