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  1. Thanks for helping. I signed out and signed in again it is changed now.
  2. Right click to your taskbar, click to **Task Manager**, scout the tasks, if you see something about Euro Truck Simulator 2, end that task. If you can't see something about Euro Truck Simulator 2, end tasks about steam. Have a nice day.
  3. I changed my TruckersMP profile picture like 5 days ago. I want to change forum profile picture too. How can I?
  4. They are like DLC, they need to be downloaded. If you buy an item from Euro Truck Simulator 2 Steam Market, you will see a list that contains items you bought from Euro Truck Simulator 2 Market. A lot of items are cabin accessories, and some of items are desktop backgrounds which one you can see in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Lobby. Desktop backgrounds are like lobby backgrounds.
  5. Okay, It is solved now. I needed to wait. Post can be closed.
  6. Today, I bought a TruckersMP membership with master trucker rank, I tried to link my patreon account but TruckersMP gave me an error like this: Fix the errors below and try again Sorry, but you do not have an active membership in our Patreon campaign.
  7. Hello, when I try to spawn in some cities I am getting that error: https://i.hizliresim.com/Or5Lyn.png This even happens in the most empty cities. (Rostock,Metz,Amsterdam,Prag,some cities in DLC maps etc.) Is it possible to fix that? Can I find any solution? Do you guys have solution to that error?
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