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  1. Happy birthday!!! 🥳

  2. No you can not change your route while still driving. You can open the map by pressing M, zoom-in/out by pressing TAB but it isn't possible to change the route there
  3. Definitely AI traffic. Especially for ATS because you almost never get to see other players...
  4. Driving at night for sure is fun! Especially when I'm in my Scania S, the moment LEDs and cabin lights light up... Ohh I love this game
  5. Yeah, this mainly happens to me in Norway for some reason. I'm actually driving on a highway but according to the speed limit I have to stay below 60km/h because it's a "city" I don't think this is TruckersMP's fault though, the speed limit is applied to where ever the game considers a city. So this should be on SCS' end.
  6. I'd like to see Kirkenes reworked, Iceland too maybe. Both of them are my favorite places in ProMods
  7. Right now I enjoy Scania S. It speeds up real fast, has a cool looking exterior design and more available for customization. It is ability to speed up quickly makes it up a great truck for carrying hight tonnage cargos
  8. So a couple a hours ago I have completed a delivery by driving a total distance of 4733km. Starting from the company Старый Камень in Vyborg (Russia), driving all the way to Eolo Lines in Algeciras (Portugal). It took 3h 12m in real life and to be honest it was a pretty fun trip. I'm curious if there is any longer distance we can go or...is this the longest?
  9. At the time of writing, it has 4.6M users (If we exclude the alt accounts that number would probably be around 3.6M). I would consider that an MMO... BUT the thing is, outside of busy areas you'll be driving on empty roads.
  10. Both of them. Usually I drive on C-D during not so busy hours and when it is around 21:00 the server gets more populated, then I'll pick the Alpines route
  11. Well... ETS2 map is pretty large, so you can't expect players around everywhere. Yes, map DLCs have good geographical attractions however, as the name states, they are DLCs and can't be accessed by everyone. It's usually that content creators make videos about C-D, Alpine or Kirkenes and then people just go drive there... Why? Because they wanna encounter more people and have more fun.
  12. There are way more Michelin tires available (Goodyear has only 2), they are obviously better judging by the stats on truck customization. Goodyear doesn't even have trailer tires in the game for some reason (irl there is the Goodyear Endurance). Goodyear has cool blimps though.
  13. Rest in peace Speedy... Now whenever I see his answers on my reports it will be heartbreaking
  14. The way most people see the game is something balanced between simulation and arcade. You've got the simulation fans: These type of players obey the designated speed limit, they don't use any money or level cheat and earn it by themselves, some of them literally build a full on ETS2 simulation setup and so on. Basically they just want to feel like they are driving a truck on a highway for real. Then, there are the balanced players: These type of players usually drive at 110, they generally use money and level cheats so they can use whatever modifications trucks etc. they want, they usually drive on busy areas like C-D Alpines or Kirkenes and they just wanna chill and have fun in general... However they know that this is not a racing game and follow the rules. And as a bonus, you've got the trolls and no need to talk about them
  15. Thanks for helping. I signed out and signed in again it is changed now.
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