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  1. hello can you specify that you search
  2. hello thats a good DLC ... nice map and pictures ........... very good job
  4. Salut a tous Etrange on ne trouve rien sur le save editing dans le forum francais . Alors si quelqu un avait un tuto ou quelque chose de ce genre ca serait bien de le publier . Merci de votre collaboration
  5. personally it does not bother me to continue in i.36 mode while waiting for this update. Everything in its time ... I trust the team that works to satisfy the community. One word good luck to the TMP team
  6. I think this route should be limited to 90 km / h !! and you?
  7. there are other videos .. twitchers having fun to attract followers .. it's the same, they are not to play or be part of the community but just to win views and a few euros !! no matter the rules but it's only their twitch
  8. y You just have to be patient !! and let the developers work without putting pressure on them. Many players have switched to 1.37 and are playing solo. that's why there are fewer people on multiplayer right now !! Thank the truckermp team for the work accomplished.
  9. shag67#9983 Discord VTC A-Team Best regard
  10. https://github.com/JackPaul3413/self-driving-car-using-opencv-test-with-forza-horizon/tree/master I did not say that I knew your program, I was just saying that I already know that I tested the program in Python that said it would be interesting to share all of this I tried to join your Discord but it doesn't work with Russian calligraphy Best Regard
  11. Congratulations all the same to the whole TMP team. Despite the containment the team is still there to ensure the proper functioning of the servers ... Some will criticize certain shortcomings, but many know that it must be extremely difficult to manage all this in these times of crisis !!
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