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  1. Helloooo everyone how are we doing :)

  2. Good Morning people hope you all well :)

  3. have you closed the game down and reload back up? because that what kind off happens to me
  4. i just want to also point out the you can turn that DLC off by going to your steam and then click on manage and go to the DLC and click box thats ticked
  5. My favorite route is drving around the black sea area and sometimes the baltic sea as well thats with out promods, with promods i like driving around the uk area
  6. Good Morning everyone hope we having a good day :D

    1. Fezz98


      All the better for seeing myself in the mirror! :P


    2. Scania LTD l NofearShadow
    3. Scania LTD l Elitenoddy
  7. stalking noddy now :D 

    1. Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

      Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

      thats niceeeeeeeeeeeee !


    2. Fezz98


      Oh dear. 🤔

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