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  1. Quite frankly, I rarely attend convoys and such. They always take place on the weekend, where I am busy with other things, but I'd say I attend a convoy / event like once a month minimum. I used to attend them whenever possible, but due to time constraints that's not possible anymore.
  2. Some nice drives I did with @Nody and @HandOfClash. And also with @Coolio85, but he had to leave early.


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    2. RedWolf_TMP


      Cool photo with nuub Colioo♥️🙈 hope you enjoyed drive Inklink

    3. HandOfClash


      884149623395065886.gif?v=1 Moin 626694828888948746.png?v=1 Amazing Photo! Thanks for the lovely ride :3 Had a lot of fun 792749467278901288.png?v=1 Im already hyped for the next one?! 738339115564793946.png?v=1 


    4. Nody


      EMG Lovely pics!! :love:

  3. // Geschlossen und archiviert
  4. Hey! I think it's a great addition to TruckersMP, considering loads of players have wished for something like this, including myself. I can definitely see it being a very handy feature in the future, especially for bigger convoys, where you want to take the same cargo together. No need for third-party applications anymore. Regards, Inklink TruckersMP GM + CML
  5. Welcomeeee to the teaammmm 😄

  6. Inklink

    What's this? 👀

    Looks very interesting! I also like the idea of what people are writing here, those being synched jobs :D.
  7. To be honest, I try to use the retarder most of the time, but of course it can't be used every time, so it's a 50/50 mix of both the regular brake and the retarder :).
  8. Adding my two cents to it now too: My favorite games are of course ETS2, but also Rainbow Six Siege and especially Battlefield 4 :)!
  9. I used Windows 7 for quite some time, but ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I'm most definitely sticking to Win 10. Imo it's a pretty easy to use system, so yea.
  10. Schon wieder Montag nach einem viel zu kurzen Wochenende
  11. Genuinely I prefer LED lights over anything. I don't have any specific reason for that but I think they just look best (on most trucks).
  12. I of course prefer using TruckersMP and will continue doing so, simply because of the huge amount of other players you can meet, on the other side I like to do casual drives with friends on SCSMP too every now and then. I don't really like it though, due to the limitations of modding. The only nice thing is having AI traffic, but that's where it ends for me already.
  13. I use a wheel to drive, but most of the time I use automatic transmission because I'm lazy, but at times I may also use my H-Shifter :). Usually I stick to automatic though, simply because of the simplicity. I used to also use mouse steering, but I got away from it because it was uncomfortable and because I wanted for my steering to be a bit more precise.
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