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  1. Well then you either kick these speeders out of the VTC or they should play on Arcade Servers ... easy as that ...
  2. Wait you come to this thread which had a lifely conversation going for Months just to get it closed? That is no good intention.
  3. 1. Maybe kids dont ever follow rules but still these rules exist to prefent these following them from doing harm 2. I bet there is a too low number of gamemods to really secure the whole server from all the trolls ... I know how hard it is too keep these numbers at bay + finding decent staff but its a thing that more staff means more security ... 3. You let it look like everyone who gets banned is a geek that can easily get a new account via illegal methods but my guess is that only 1/4 of these really know anything about these messures ... 4. Maybe the arcade servers would be more popular but I doubt it very hard ... because most people only want to speed and to give up all rules just for speeding ... I guess even them wont do it ... and the otherside the trolls ... why should they leave there home they are used to troll? My bet is that maximum of 500 players would play on the arcade server and thats already a very big number ... 5. I doubt that this test would get people and fans to leave the game or hate the TMP team ... if its communicated openly with a reason and a strict date and directly After it everything is back to normal ... I guess many people would be as interested in seeing what happens as me.
  4. This isnt the point ... we all know that this is a game ... but games also have rules like everything else ... some more some less ... this game NEEDS strict rules because its a SIMULATION that wants to be REALISTIC ... thats the nature of this game ... the reason why there is a split in Simulation and Arcade! If so many people (like some people here say) dont want rules ... why are the arcade servers (without these rules) empty ... while the Simulation servers (with the rules) are full? Because the majority wants the rules ... the majority dont want people driving with 150 km/h through the streets and propably just crash and block a road ... because they dont want to honk again because some "mean guy" just ignores a red light and rams into you because of it ... because people dont want ghost drivers and people that drive at night without lights on just to make people crash into them! The game NEEDS rules ... MANY rules ... because in other games trolling isnt so easy and banning these trolls is way easier then here! Without these rules we end up in anarchy and chaos really quick ... I would like to have the Developers of truckersmp do a sort of Experiment for a week or so ... where every rule vanished 2 servers ... 1 european 1 US server without any rules without any restriction without any Penality ... Just to see how fast everything wents bad!
  5. @[GA] Mago Luther 1. A little advice: Check your Browser Translation ... you are translating quotes into your language and thats not allowed (an Mod said that earlier ^^). 2. The thing is the thought "(regardless of how high it is) can be refused if the reckless player does not cause any kind of accident" is wrong ... because simulation is about driving as accurate to the Rules (in this term the European law of Traffic / the law of each country) and the realistic aspect of how you would do it in Real-Life and no trucker would drive 100 km/h or higher ^^ ... I have nothing against people driving 90-95 km/h but everything above is just reckless driving either with a accident or not .. I just had the perfect and slightly satisfying meeting with a speeder ... the limit was at 48 (england) and he drove just the maximum he could (60 km/h) ... well I were on the left side ... he tried to overtake me right and just crashed right inside a "maximum height" sign ... I have to say I had to smile a bit after that. EDIT: Looks like the advice came to late :'D
  6. Totally support your opinion ... 1. it would be great if they would make it more realistic in driving at all ... but I guess they are limited in the tools to do so ... 2. Yeah thats what im trying to tell people in my topic ... im not victimizing anyone ... I even said I want to hear the other side ... the thing is all the arguments from those "speeders" are really bad ... I mean if you say you are getting "bored" by driving 110 km/h with a truck on a simulation server with European laws ... then I have nothing to say ... because thats A: no argument and B: there are arcade servers you can speed as much as you want and noone will be harmed ... If boredem is your only excuse to speed then Im sorry to break it to you but ... then a TRUCKER SIMULATION game ... is maybe just not your game ... EDIT: Ok ... the Speed-Limit is for sure NOT 90 km/h BUT 110 km/h ... just tested it on the promod server ... the Server tells 90 but its really 110 ... people only get regulated by World of Trucks deliveries but not by the server! ... Thats rediculous!
  7. I just found the perfect sentence to WHY there are enforced RULES on the simulation servers and its pretty simple ... Why is there an enforced "turn on your light" - kick in the evening times? Because no one but trolls/idiots would drive without light because its just unrealistic and stupid ... so they created the enforce kick to rule it out of the game ... The same goes for the enforced speedlimits like 60, 90, 110 km/h because its just stupid and a troll thing to drive faster ... its just no simulation suitable speed-limit cause its not realistic ... so they created the enforced speed-limits to rule that also out of the game ... There you have your reason for why there is an enforced Speed-Limit ... If you want to do arcade driving and play need for speed ... noone stops you from playing arcade!
  8. I know that ... thats why I said police implemented and like the traffic that isnt there ... if you like Simulation you should still follow these rules.
  9. Also not to forget one thing you are not only stricted by the traffic signs! If the traffic rules say you can drive 97 km/h (the max I think) ... your trailer is still only allowed for 80 km/h ... so if the police gets reactivated (which I really hope) ... they maybe cant get you for the 3 km/h you are driving to fast within the sign law but for the 20 km/h you are driving to fast within your Trailer allowance!
  10. Also what many people forget about is that ... ok we dont have traffic because its too heavy for the servers to handle ... BUT should'nt we still play like there would be traffic? ... I see so many trucks driving on the left lane just because they are speeding ... not even slowing down at turns because they know nobody will come anyway ... but isnt SIMULATION also about following rules even if there is no traffic??
  11. So you wanna invent and build a better Trucking Simulator then ETS 2 or ATS? Lets do it! No one stops you from doing better ... for now ETS 2 and ATS are the best and most realistic Truck driving Simulators on the market! For the Rest ... Like the person some posts above said "normally" trucks have build in Limiters ... that they can get cracked is possible ... but that costs money and risks ... which are not in the game ... also no real truck driver would go above 100-110 km/h because it would be just too dangerous ... I mean most truck driver are already driving dangerous but the possibility to crash on 90 km/h is already high and I would say at 110 km/h the chance doubles ... So if you like the danger and like to drive as you want ... you are free to use the arcade servers ... if you want to play a SIMULATION in a SIMULATION game then play on the SIMULATION server! Why do you think the Arcade Server is empty? Because no real Simulation player wants to play on a Server with a crash risk of over 80% with only speeders and trolls ... so they stick to their realism Servers ... maybe some people dont like the 110 km/h limiter but I bet most of the realism lovers can get along with it ... while the speeders and trolls get on the Simulation servers because they know they are under numbered and even they dont want to only play with others of their alike!
  12. Yeah but I write my Comment in English and you quote it in spanish/portuguese so you dont quote it in the language it was written in ^^
  13. You just did it again. ^^ You need to quote in the LANGUAGE it was WRITTEN IN but you quote in SPANISH/PORTUGUESE.
  14. The Speedlimit isnt "Bullcrap" because there arent only "Rammers" or "Blockers" or "Screamers" ... sure there are trolls that do everything to kill the joy in the game but these people get banned pretty fast ... the one thing this "Speedlover" above said right is ... that there are people who arent trying to destroy the experience for others but only wanna Speed without thinking about others ... either because they just want to finish contracts as fast as possible or they just like Speeding BUT the speedlimit indeed stopped those people and I bet it also drove some of the trolls away ... even if its only a low number of trolls ... For the banning ... yea I think the Ban system needs an overhaul ... the main problem is the "Timeout" in the In-Game report system ... what the mods and devs dont understand is, that not everybody has an computer to record stuff or want to waste their time with all the setup and the management to get recording ready ... sure video evidence is crucial BUT you forget that you are also punish the "good" people that try to get a troll banned ... The thing I would change is ... that I would not let those in-game reports time out and that I would also accept reports without video evidence ... Why? You ask? ... Because I would make a database which gathers ALL reports ... it could sort out multiple reports by one person on one person in with a timestamp of 1 hour or so ... then the mods can see who was reported the most and can get on the case ... Yeah I know ... I dont know how "hard" the task is to build such a database/system BUT I think its much more helpfull and easier for everybody (because Mods can get to the most trollers first and ban them faster then waiting for a video evidence or 3) and for the player so not everybody has to record the case ... the video evidence can still be a thing but it isnt a must have! Thats my idea about all that. Best wishes Bloody
  15. Cheers and enjoy your freedom on the Arcade servers
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