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  1. Adam Türkiyeye hakaret ediyor. Kimse ilgilenmiyor. Yazıklar olsun.

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      @schrute_farms Beni anlamıyorsun. Anladığını düşünmüyorum. Ülkeye hakaret edilmemeli. Bazı insanlar bilerek oyuncuları engelliyor oyunda Türk, Alman,Rus, İngiliz fark etmez. Bu ülkenin suçu değil, oyuncunun suçudur. "FCK" Turkey ne demek? İkimizi de anlasaydın şuan tepkin farklı olurdu. Seni eşitliğe davet ediyorum. İyi forumlar.

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      Kural dışi bir hareket olduğunu düşünüyorsaniz lütfen feedback ve ya report sistemlerini kullanın.


      Tartışma çıkmasını önlemek amacıyla kilitlendi



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    Daha güzel yerlere transfer olman dileğiyle, iyi çalışmalar dilerim.

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  5. i can't connect my controller to the truckersmp

    Hi. For Turkish, press here. In this section, it is forbidden to speak Turkish. The official language is English. I do not think the issue is related to ETS2, but I think it's related to drivers. Please update your drivers. Enter the game and set the steering settings from the "game" section. Snopy v18 Driver
  6. I usually see. But in general they do not fit the rules.
  7. What makes a VTC company die?

    The most important thing is your members. They must be respectful and honest. You should treat them equally. They don't like strict rules. Some were lying or playing other games. Because of that, my company closed down.
  8. How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I open the right mirror. Because I can see the left side of the truck. In some cases I use both mirrors.
  9. Game Bar in Truckersmp

    Mate, I understand the problem very well. But I have not found a solution for this. First of all, will you look? Is the problem only related to TruckersMP?
  10. Luncher stop working

    Hi! Can you tell us more? If you add a screenshot, we can find faster solutions. However, It may be useful to you. Delete the C++ and framework files. Re-install. Delete and reinstall truckersmp. **Probably the reason of the error is Framework. I hope it Works. Have a nice day.
  11. delayed. ı love cs-go. 


  12. Cannot Connect Server Ets 2 Multiplayer

    Hi, *Check the firewall, it shouldn't block the game. *Try logging in with VPN. *Check your internet speed. *Try resetting the modem. I hope this works for you. Have a nice day.
  13. Just a poll about driving styles.

    I go according to the road situation.
  14. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    I think it's about popularity. People like crowds. And a little habit. There are those who don't like long-nosed trucks.
  15. trackmp error

    Try resetting and restarting the modem. Make sure that Firewall and Antivirus programs do not block the launch.