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  1. There were at least 1000 people before the 1.37 update, im looking forward to seeing those numbers again once TMP updates to support 1.37
  2. I've been playing since 2015, met a lot of great people so far and hope to meet many more.
  3. Rainguy

    Western star

    im looking forward to seeing the Cascadia in the near future
  4. Rainguy

    Mack Truck!

    its definitely a great looking truck, love driving it
  5. def no unless theres some sort of way to detect if theres other players at an intersection
  6. Rainguy

    Virtual Speditor

    you can also use the TS SE Tool it works amazingly well
  7. some are good drivers some are bad im always on the lookout when i drive near one
  8. yea me personally i love the pete 579
  9. The Spring Mod looks amazing, id pick that one
  10. About 65% since the g29 brake pedal is so stiff.
  11. I love rolling with my VTC they're a great bunch of people and its always a good time.
  12. Rainguy

    Longest route

    Raton to Colville is a pretty nice and long route
  13. there's probably just a lot of reports. But patience is key, they're volunteers they have stuff to do
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