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  1. The Mack hands down. Great handling truck, great to drive
  2. Great server to have fun freely
  3. You can use something called TS SE Tool to give yourself money and XP permanently without the need of a mod.
  4. I love hauling the helicopter. One of the best loads in my opinion.
  5. Would love to see Texas next, hopefully it’s in the works.
  6. I personally enjoy that road, but you must have LOTS of patience.
  7. I love being able to truck with my friends. I also love meeting new people and interacting with the community
  8. I love the green scenery of Washington, it's definitely my favorite state. I would also love to see Texas in the near future i heard lots of great things about that state.
  9. Italia and Scandinavia, they just have amazing looking scenery!
  10. Still playing on 1.36 waiting for the update. I know TMP is doing all they can to update to 1.37 as soon as possible
  11. i love driving south in Italy its just beautiful
  12. I have all the garages in ETS2 And ATS really handy for getting across the map quickly!
  13. its usually pretty good for me just have to be patient tho
  14. Rainguy


    There were at least 1000 people before the 1.37 update, im looking forward to seeing those numbers again once TMP updates to support 1.37
  15. I love rolling with my VTC they're a great bunch of people and its always a good time.
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