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  1. Just a suggestion that I would like to see. Not a requirement for all players but in a similar way that VTC's use a logging program that logs the details of jobs you do, it would be cool to see other players profiles and see how many miles/kilometres they have logged. Gives you a view of perhaps how experience they are on the road. Obviously not everyone might want to download an additional application so it could just be a feature to link to your profile if you wanted to for others to see? What are peoples thoughts?
  2. I typically use my hazards or beacon to say thank you, I would also flash my headlights to let someone out or move lane but it doesnt happen all that often. I dont really honk the horn as I drive past people but if someone does it to me then I will say hello back. If there is an incident ahead of me then I will always put my hazards on ahead of time to warn anyone behind me and try not to brake/stop suddenly
  3. If he came into your lane then it would be his fault completely, not sure about the speed as it depends on the speed limit of the road but even still, he should wait until you have passed before attempting any overtakes
  4. I prefer the pro mods map a lot more, however for me some time ago, it was not very well known and with the requirement to have all the DLCs, its can be quite lonely sometimes and I much prefer being in and around other players personally
  5. There is something about sitting relaxing in a truck when it is raining, but as for driving, much prefer it dry
  6. I agree, unless there is a dedicated team, it would be almost impossible, even with the team it would be difficult as you say unless it is maybe a short 10 minute discord call to explain the rules and how you should drive (keeping good distance, knowing the basics.. but with the vast amount of people it would be very challenging and demanding
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