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  1. As mentioned @ShawnCZek : This is very complex, and I understand very much his last message to the players, I was in his place, but worse, since I knew how to program but as self-taught. As a player who supports these projects that are done with the heart and with will I will send some words to you developer: My personal advice is do not give explanations, players should consider that if the platform does not support the latest version, will have later versions to play, it is not these games that when launching a new update will make it impossible for players to play, they have an alternative, it is not the end of the story. If it is annoying that they make you "Spamming" answer with the phrase "We are working on it" and that the players wait for the changue log. Please, I have experienced this pressure and I know what you feel, keep calm and communicate what is necessary with the players. Me and thousands of others support your project and wait patiently for the new updates and we don't go crazy asking for explanations. Another suggestion is that this publication should be dedicated solely to the exhibition of change records, people do not have to be commenting on this publication or reporting technical bugs, for that there is the section of bug report or the section of discussion. Please, for the sake of you close the comments, or create another publication in which you and your developers can comment only. Take it easy, take your time, since apart from dedicating yourself to this you work or study (as you mentioned). Let's not rush things or panic, because we generate a bad result and a bad environment. Good luck and I wish you the best, for my part, I will report failures to give you a hand. It's the best I can do, if it wasn't for me to depend on Google Translator I would join you. If you are looking for a free tester, I am glad to offer myself, but you should consider that my English is very basic. And to all players, please consider that this platform is an ALPHA version. Greetings from Argentina.
  2. +1 I support this suggestion, I see it necessary when maneuvering, since I personally use the mirrors. And improve your wording, you mean the truck is invisible.
  3. +1 I think it's an excellent idea, I think TruckersMP should develop (or improve) a VTC application, when creating a new VTC, define everything you've written.
  4. -1 Sorry, but I see it unnecessary and it takes away realism from the game, in reality the players are the problem, not the game.
  5. +1/2 I partially agree, I believe that the icons of the players in the GPS should not exist, or should only exist for friends.
  6. -1 This more than anything is not a suggestion, but a bug report. I support this suggestion, but I see it more as a bug report.
  7. -1 I'm sorry, I see it unnecessary and it takes away realism from the game, personally I prefer to report bad drivers, to get them off the road. But applying your suggestion we will give more benefit to the bad drivers to do what they want.
  8. -1 Sorry, but i see it unnecessary, since there is the ghost mode, I believe that in any case the ghost mode should be improved.
  9. -1 Sorry, it seems unnecessary, I think the problem is the market, and developers should repair that.
  10. +1 I see this very, very, very necessary, an alternative to your suggestion is that I think it must be applied in areas with too much traffic. In summary, I fully support this suggestion, it contributes greatly to server optimization.
  11. +1 I agree with you, what would be more efficient is to redo the radio model, replacing the buttons and regulators with something more modern, such as "+" and "-" keys for volume and frequency and a key with the power logo.
  12. +1/2 I partially agree, I see it very complex, but in turn it would be beneficial for VTCs. An alternative to your suggestion is to find a way to use the game's default driver manager.
  13. +1 I see it very necessary, I would apply it with a ban.
  14. -1 Sorry, I see it unnecessary, because it is a simulation game, I do not think it necessary to add areas without collision everywhere, since it takes away realism from the environment.
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