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  1. Good evening Hypercania, based on the short description you provided, I assume that when you launch the TruckersMP application, Steam opens up and tells you that the game is already running, right? If so, try starting Steam before you start the TruckersMP application. I sometimes have a similar issue and can get around it with this approach. When you finished a job, then you are already in the game and also on the server, right? If so, are you getting kicked or how this is related to your problem? It would be very helpful if you could provide some more information about this and on what you do after delivering a job (do you exit the game? how do you exit the game?). I wish you good luck on solving your issue and hope my answer contributes to finding a solution for your problem. Greeetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  2. Hello there, how long does it freeze? Maybe, it seems like it is freezing, but it could be downloading content in the background. If you are sure, that something is broken: Did you already try to reinstall the TruckersMP launcher? It might solve the issue, if your problem is related to a broken file that is maybe cached. If that doesn't help, try to run TruckersMP as administrator. I hope you can fix your issue with these simple approaches! With friendly regards, sideways.
  3. Hello there, I had the same problem. First, try using 7zip instead of WinRAR to extract the archive, as they were archived with 7zip by the developers. Furthermore, please make sure that all the seven files are in the same directory. Then, just extract the first one (.001) and it will automatically extract the other ones too. I hope you can solve the issue. Good luck! With friendly regards, sideways.
  4. Good morning, some good answers were already provided. To quickly answer your question (so that you save some good time): if you have a 64bit system, the path is "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\eurotrucks2.exe" if you have a 32bit system, the path is "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x84\eurotrucks2.exe" where Steam is your Steam folder. You might have chosen another name for it. Greetings, sideways
  5. Good evening, the best thing to do, is to report users either directly ingame or (even better) via the website if they are not sticking to the rules. By taking a look at your post, I am not too sure if you are already familiar with the reporting system or if you just wanted to create something like a collection thread where rule-breakers should be exposed. When you want to report someone ingame, press TAB, do a right click with your mouse to enable the mouse cursor, click on the specific user and then click on "Report". If a staff member is online, he (or she ?) will surely deal with the situation. For reports via the website, please take a look at the linked topic below. I think, that a thread in this section actually does nothing else than just publicly exposing users. Even when they break the rules (on purpose or not), reports should still be dealt with in a private manner to respect the user's privacy, in my opinion. I think, a lot of people can relate to that, especially when you want to behave better for example. I also think, that this section is not the right place for reporting users. I recommend taking a look at the following thread for more information concering reports: Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  6. Good evening, it would be helpful to provide some more information about your current setup (hardware and software), such as, if you are using any mods or not and on how frequently your game crashes (is it the first time?). In general, the C0000005 error code is an access violation. It means, that ETS2 wanted to access something, but it had no rights to access it. Now, there can be multiple reasons for it. Generally, the most helpful thing to do first, is to ensure that your game files are all correct. Try to validate them via Steam. Another good thing, is to update your graphic card driver. I am not too sure though, if this is actually related to your problem, but it's definitely always a good thing to keep things up to date! If these things brought no success, try using a profile without mods (if you have any installed). Also try to run ETS2 as administrator and see if it has a positive effect. I hope, this approach helps in solving your problem. Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  7. Good evening, this is a known problem. The server's time progresses, even when you are offline. This means, that, when you come back online, your delivery will be (of course) late. To avoid this, make sure to take a look at the threads below. You will find some very useful comments there. I hope, the approaches in this thread will fix your issue. Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  8. Good evening, unfortunately, the provided link for the decrypter is broken and not working anymore. Thank you for your effort, though. As I don't know, if I'm allowed to post external links here: google for sii Decrypter, and you will find it, if the link above also doesn't work for you! Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  9. Good evening, when you press TAB ingame, you can see the name of the players who are close to you. When clicking on a specific player (via the TAB menu), it shows a steam icon in the bottom. When you click the Steam icon, it takes you to their steam profile. From there, you can add them as a friend and ask them if they maybe want to join your VTC. As far as I know, there is no way to actually add a friend ingame (not via Steam). Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways
  10. Good evening, enabling the developer tools to turn off the rain does not affect your level, kilometers or money in the game. It is not referred as cheating. I would recommend taking a look in this thread, if you want to start off with a decent level and ingame money ("cheating"). Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  11. Good afternoon, after carefully taking a look at the video above, I noticed, that before the trailer kicks "left and right" everytime, the truck does come to a short stop. This can only be caused by either client-sided lags, or by a poor connection to the server. I don't know, but are you sometimes downloading stuff in the background? Even when you have a 100 Mbit/s connection, these things can still slow you down pretty fast. The problem is also, that it could be caused by the server itself, theoretically, and not by you. It would be interesting to have the TAB menu open while this happens, as this let's us clearly see if the connection (latency) is the main cause. Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways.
  12. Good morning, thank you for this guide! It actually helps getting started. It would have been nice though, if you would have included that the progress made on multiplayer remains on the clientside. That was for example something I found hard to understand from the beginning on. Another thing, could be to talk about the basic mechanism of ETS2 multiplayer, as I for example wanted to know how everything works, that there are VTC’s that run convoys from time to time, what a player tag is and how you should/can use it, and so on. You get the idea! Other than that, thank you for your effort! Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways
  13. I really like the idea. There is obviously a problem, as there are a lot of VTC's. It's pretty clear, that not every VTC can have the ability to get such a working paintjob in multiplayer. In my opinion, however, it seems to be fair enough to only provide paintjobs to relatively popular, big and successful VTCs. What is the point in letting thousands of players download a paintjob for a VTC that is barely known, and visible on the roads? A good approach is always to only download the files that are necessary or highly relevant. Providing paintjobs for popular VTC's is already a good step in the right direction. It's, obviously, better than not having any VTC paintjobs at all, right? How big in size (kB) is a paintjob? Can anyone please provide speaking numbers, so that we can work with facts and not assumptions? Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways
  14. The difference between in game & web is your very very lucky if your report gets seen as there are more than admins on to watch them & the other works because they don't expire after 10mins! 


    In Game reports are pointless, i still dont know why CB Abuse is an option when it doesn't even record the dam thing. Honestly just stick to web reports :) 

    1. sideways


      Thank you for your reply! :)

  15. Hello, thank you for the detailed answers, fellow truckers. My question is answered. This thread can be closed then. Greetings from Luxembourg, sideways
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