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  1. I think this should be added. 1.40 really only changes the lighting system and doesn't overhaul the entire grpahics system. The only problem I can see is keeping compatibility.
  2. To answer your questions, 1. yes it is. Or at least, it's hard to find those interested in something like this. 2. I'm pretty sure a lot of mods use them so yes it would be. 3. Doesn't matter, they're part of a different team entirely.
  3. Suggestion Name: Reconnect to server command Suggestion Description: A command like /connect or /reconnect that you can use to rejoin the server if you are kicked Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Some people will get kicked for being AFK, others, for other reasons. It's annoying to have to completely back out of the game and then reopen the game just to reconnect to a server. Having a simple command to reconnect to the server you were in could make it easier to get back in if you are AFK for too long.
  4. Suggestion Name: Mod Suggestion Description: Allowing mods that allow players to own pre-existing trailers Any example images: none Why should it be added?: The files for the trailers are already in the game so all players will be able to see the trailer. This will give players the ability to choose what type of that trailer they want.
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