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  1. the reason why is the tmp team are not putting enough effort into updating ats mp there would be more people on the ats servers if they would stop putting all there effort into ets 2 and updated the ats server to the current version of the game alot of people who have the new map dlc do not want to revert there game to the last version just to play online when they should have had there servers sorted long before now then have the nerve to throw up a donations page when they cant even keep there servers updated
  2. all i know is it was closed for the race and the devs are working on it but thats all anyone is getting at this point so its safe to just wait and see what happens over the coming days
  3. i hope they get it fixed soon i cant even play on the euro servers without getting kicked for high ping
  4. try connecting to it it wont let anyone in
  5. well its still not up and im still getting kicked off the eu servers for high ping so i might as well just uninstall this seeing i cant even play it how hard is it to put a server back up that everyone uses like really kinda slack if you ask me when they know there are people on the other side of the world who cant even play noe because our pings are to high for the euro servers
  6. yeah i thought as much once i found out why it was down ill try again in an hour or 2
  7. here is your answer to why we do not have the us server at this time http://prntscr.com/p6tfee
  8. its monday tho?? guess we will have to wait
  9. just wondering whats going on with the ats us server as being in australia my ping is to high for the euro servers i get kicked within 5 minutes
  10. i would like to know as well as i can not play on the euro servers or i get kicked for high ping
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