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  1. This definitely needs to be seen by a hell of a lot more people! Thank you very much for this.
  2. Well, I definitely missed something here. I'm glad it was resolved, as for those trolls, i'm glad their gone. Bringing shame upon themselves for something that does not concern them.
  3. In no way am I a condoning the idea. In face I believe it to be an amazing idea, my only worry is if troll's used it to their advantage.
  4. This is a brilliant idea, maybe for just the simulation server only? If this was implemented across other servers, it could cause a hell of a lot of collisions. Simply due to the fact of people are getting black screens, if this was to happen when overtaking someone, it could be a disaster!
  5. I can't believe this thread is still going! Although they aren't J-Spec trucks, all the trucks in my VTC have been designed to a set specification to enhance the realism in a VTC.
  6. Dagsy_

    Smart GPS

    Brilliant concept, however incorrect overtaking can be prevented by simply checking your mirrors, not overtaking on a bend, etc.
  7. Hi can you tell people that L Roberts & Son are doing a convoy for the loss of thoses who have died in nice. we will be heading from Calais, Service Station - Dijon, Service Station, ETS2, EU1, 7pm GMT

  8. Thanks for the update! I can see everyone driving round in scanias for the next month or so now. Haha.
  9. Congrats on one million users. From all of us at L. Roberts and Son
  10. When the race track was authorized to be used by the admins, I do believe the admin team did say that it were to be a collision zone and any result of damage/crashes were down to the driver itself. Personally I don't think this should be implemented, yes we all like to drive round the race track but if you wanted to race and not gain damage, buy forza horizon or something. -1 From me.
  11. If No One Has Been To the Track Yet. You Should Go There Its Fun
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