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  1. The main reason why you need speed limits is because some people will always drive too fast. In real life we have police and you need to pay. Here you don't have police, so you need speed limits.
  2. You can drive car safelly, but you can't drive at really high speed. Just as in real life RWD will slip in corner if you try to accelerate.
  3. It would be the worst possible server. You would drive verry little and get huge damage. You wouldnt have enough money for repaire. You must have some rules. Imagine what would happen in case there aren't any trafic rules in real life.
  4. It would be really good to add Random road events server-based, so every player on the server can see it.
  5. vdriver1

    Cars ?

    Cars are good. You can drive caravane and have no problems. Just don't drive too fast.
  6. I really like Skoda. It's good car, but brakes are really weak. I put brakes intensity to max, so now it's better, but still I need to press brake harder then when I drive car.
  7. Currently I have 220 employees. That's a lot for me, but I still get new garages and employees.
  8. I think text is good enough. I don't like having speakers on because some drivers are horning a lot, and I can't listen to horn anymore. So I also don't hear CB radio. I still have problems speaking english. My written english is ok, but usually I can't understand what other people say.
  9. I really like manual H-Shifter. Automatic can be problem on hills. Also in real life I drive car with manual transmission. Unfortunately, today trusck usually have automatic, just as most of more expensive cars(Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche...). Currently I drive Porsche Panamera with 6 speed manual in real life. It's really good car.
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