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  1. Congratulations on your new role, mate! All the very best with your new adventures. 🙌

  2. Since joining the VTC, yesterday marked my first convoy as a driver for Pries Logistics and what a convoy it was! I met some wonderful and friendly folk, from our very own VTC to various others. This experience further proved to me why choosing the Pries Logistics family was the best decision made. I look forward to many more adventures ahead with the black and yellow brand!

    A HUGE thank you to Rock n Roll Convoys for setting this one up yesterday, you guys smashed it. An additional shoutout to this wonderful human being for fronting the convoy route, @RB1988. And lastly, many thanks to @DarkMoon [RU/EN] for the brilliant photo!


    1. Alon_TMP
    2. RB1988


      I am so pleased you enjoyed the convoy! We are starting work on our next one later today, date to be announced very soon 😉

  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. Μatt


      Thanks very much mate!

  4. Happy Birthday to youuu! 🎂

  5. Congrats buddy!

  6. Congratulations once again, Callum! 😁

  7. When using force feedback for your wheel just be mindful of the terrain feedback settings. This can become quite the loud experience for you, especially when on dirt roads. I personally use edited force feedback settings to combat this as it can become very unpleasant late at night or if you're an impatient soul like me! Take care, Boutye
  8. Driving solo brings a sense of calmness to the game for me, so more than often I'd be driving on my own to clear the mind. Although, when players are around or a convoy is being formed, I do tend to opt-in to the happenings whenever the chance arises.
  9. @RB1988 Oh, yes! What a fantastic little spot. You have now tempted me to boot up the game and drive that exact road again, kind sir!
  10. Ireland is long overdue in the game. I'd be hoping for this expansion next, although I'm very open to whatever comes next if anything else!
  11. The G29 + Shifter is a great little combo for the game. If you're going to use a shifter alongside your Logitech G29, although the Logitech Driving Force Shifter that comes standard with the wheel is still a very good stick, I strongly recommend you go the extra mile with a truck shifter with a splitter like the SKRS that offers more than 6-gears. The fun-factor will double. Good luck!
  12. I was asking myself this the other day when the new DLC dropped. There's just something about the Italia DLC that always seems to grasp my attention the most. Visually, Italy is stunning in the game. Driving through those traditional Italian villages with the deep blue sky above, passing the marinas with the clear ocean never too shy of view, the long-twisty mountain roads to climb etc. It truly is stunning. Italia would have to be mine.
  13. As mentioned by Andy above, the only real reason I will be buying the DLC is if the ProMods server depends on the content. I personally don't hold any attachment to the DLC other than for that reason. In the last week, I have been watching a recorded livestream from SCS showing Romania from the DLC and I have to admit it looks really underwhelming and uninspired; it would also appear that many Romanian fans have voiced their concerns regarding the country in the content, claiming it doesn't touch on the realism aspect when compared to the country in reality and that many key locations have been left out. I can't comment further on this as I have never been to Romania therefore cannot form a comparison of my own, however from observing the livestream footage I can honestly admit it doesn't look very fascinating, other than the new river crossing animation being added in. When it comes to the one lane roads in each direction, if you were to show me footage from Beyond The Baltic Sea, I really wouldn't be able to tell the difference and you would have me fooled for the most part. My opinions are my own and are based from the 2 hours of footage I've seen of the content so far, so I'm still trying to keep an open minded approach to how the DLC looks visually. My opinions could change once I see more. If the DLC looks good to you then all power goes to you!
  14. Seems like the C-D road is becoming busier each day now that more people are returning to the Simulation 1 server after the ProMods server release. This guide should come in very handy again.
  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Check out Aberdeen in ProMods. It might not provide you with the exact experience you're looking for, however there are a few residential areas there. I suppose the same could be said for most of the United Kingdom now. Hawes is another little gift that keeps on giving for this.
  17. Noticed this myself over the weekend too. Seems like the C-D road is making a comeback already!
  18. I believe 23 so far and counting. I can't stop!
  19. It's wonderful that you've mentioned Wales. Back in 2015 I got the ferry over to work there for a few weeks, travelling from Dublin into Holyhead and then to Chepstow. Fast forward to playing ProMods and visiting Holyhead in the game tracing that same route I took a few years ago in person, I was stunned with how accurate everything was! I was able to match things by remembering the details from a few years back and apply them into the game; the Tesco by the main road, the roundabout you approach as you come the ferry, the long stretch of curvy roads along the coast and the neighbouring valley to the right, the tunnel you go under which goes through the cliff face... it was all there just like in real life! It's great to see Wales getting some love out there. Much respect to you.
  20. You're not alone in thinking this. Recently I'd spent some time in Cyprus and took deliveries into the Slavic countries, often finding my travels to be quite lonesome and just like yourself would only come across perhaps a dozen truckers if I was lucky enough. Germany - which was once thriving - is now suffering the same fate as the rest it seems. Took myself all the way through the North to the South on a trip to Italy and I was baffled at how quiet the place had become! This was on a Saturday afternoon too which was shocking. I personally feel the players attracted to the dirt roads within Iceland and Norway are there for the challenge of getting to the end of that road unscathed. It's natural for us to become curious with such places, to get involved with the trend and take on the challenge ourselves. It can make for some laughs between a group of friends or solo, some great YouTube/Twitch moments for their channels to get those clicks, or perhaps they thrive for the chaos and eagerly await arguing with someone who has just blocked them in or damaged their vehicle so they can hit them with the "rec ban" to feel good about themselves, not understanding they are part of the problem if they congest the area for the sake of congesting it. These are the types of people you'll always find in instances like this sadly. All you can do is enjoy the game your way and try to stay out of trouble. Come to Ireland sometime. You can often find myself and quite a few others there. Gorgeous countryside routes, breathtaking coastal roads, visually stunning villages, long stretches of motorway... you won't be disappointed.
  21. @Fr0zR.- [CHILE] Lol yes! A few days ago it was. I took myself to the C-D road starting from Duisburg and tried to make the journey based on visual memory and mostly guess-work. Ended up in Oberhausen then Osnabruck, eventually giving up once I'd figured how hopeless my attempts were. Thanks for the comment! @andy Suter I know exactly what you mean. Found this to be a problem in quite a few cities too. I believe there is one city in Iceland that also carries the speed limit for quite some distance along the motorway, and another example in Cyprus somewhere. Real pain in the backside, but ah well. Thanks for the comment!
  22. Been a little while since I've done something I liked. Took this not long ago though! Completely unedited and it turned out lovely.
  23. @WarMaz Absolutely! You've hit the nail right on it's head there. Found myself taking a long trip across Germany the other day and I couldn't help but feel the new road layouts made some of the cities feel perhaps a little too close together. Really pleased to see some new cities, towns and villages throughout the trip though! Thanks very much for your thoughts and happy trucking!
  24. @dragonslayingmaster1000 Agreed! Great choice. I brought myself to London for a look a few days ago and was stunned at how much better it looks vs vanilla.
  25. With the recent release of the ProMods servers on TruckersMP introducing a fresh new look to the map, I'm curious to know which of the rebuilt cities has caught your attention the most vs the base game. I understand to some this is nothing new, but to others it could be a brand new experience seeing these new places in the game. For me I'd have to go with Rotterdam. I just love what they've done with the place! It's a massive improvement from the base map with it's bustling new roads, the cycle lanes and tram tracks running through the streets, the added plantation to give it that extra touch of Earth, and the residential highrise flats that are commonly found within the city. What's yours?
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