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    I believe there should be at least 100 game moderators to handle over 2,000 players daily. A GAME like ETS which is a simulator game is much to be desired when it comes to punishing offenders. There are many qualified players who would do a good job as a Moderator and would help keep the game more in order. Reporting within the game goes unnoticed because the amount is huge. Complaints on the site with video, not all who can record, and those who record, I see complaint take up to 15 days to be reviewed. Expanding the number of game moderators would be a great idea to decrease the number of inflators who break the rules in the game. There are a lot of qualified players for that, players who would make a great team. ETS is a great simulation game, a game with good reviews. The TMP platform should have a larger team of moderates, as I have seen excellent players leaving the TMP tired of inflators all the time, and getting only troll players. The minimum requirement to join the 1 year TMP team could be reduced to 6 months as it would make more room for qualified people to recruit.
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