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  1. Range T is really a good truck. I had a little test drive one year ago and i still feel in love with it. I really want to see it in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  2. I'm in Kyrgyzstan now because of a business trip and i drive on the left side of the truck
  3. I really like the Volvo. It's so good
  4. They are humans like everyone and all of people got a real life as you know. When a game moderator doesn't check your game report, you can submit a web report. They are doing their best and they always check all of reports as soon as possible. I think, you just need to be more patient and TruckersMP reports system are very good and useful.
  5. I like to play simulation games. I can meet new people in TruckersMP servers. That's so nice.
  6. I know that TruckersMP is very popular in China. Chinese people enjoy to spend times in TruckersMP servers. I think you should contact with TruckersMP staff members related to your request in the feedback system.
  7. Yeah. I know that It is just my dream. As we can see that SCS Software is working on new updates and DLCs for now. I don't think that they will do something related to the multiplayer in the near future. When everyhing is done, they will focus on the multiplayer in my opinion.
  8. EU and American servers are public as you know. Some of people want to spend times with their friends in private servers. If developers of TruckersMP add it, most of people will be happy with it in my opinion. People will be able to do what they want in private servers
  9. I don't like Scoda very much. I want to drive a Bugatti as a police car in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It would be very funny.
  10. High Speed : More accidents Low Speed : Less accidents Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are simulation games as you know and simulation games simulate real word activities. To be honest, if you want to drive your car or truck with high speed you can try to play race games like Formula 1 2019, Need for Speed games etc. I like new rules and i respect who add them.
  11. My favorite truck is Scania S. I think, it is the most powerful truck in the game.
  12. Euro Trucks Simulator 2 is the best simulation game in my opinion. You can find what you want to see. I haven't tried American Trucks Simulator yet. I hope, SCS Software will release many updates for American Trucks Simulator future and i will buy it
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