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  1. The theme is a request to change the color of my name in the game
    I ask you to have a pink color ❤️ 
    Give me the requests you want this to happen successfully, please
    Best greetings from Elena ❤️ 


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    2. [ATVTC]  Ahmed

      [ATVTC] Ahmed

      I understand the situation but there is no way to join with the team of staff 🤷‍♀️

    3. 049David [GER]

      049David [GER]

      Of course, there is a way. As long as you fullfill these requirements: 

      And you are a member for over a year, you are eligible for joining the staff.

      But be aware that the only reason for wanting to join the team shouldn't be a colored name.

    4. Gaaby'
  2. Recording, publishing and reporting to the perpetrator


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