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  1. [TW-STC]ttooyy12

    China-[Fec]-xiaojie - Blocking and Ramming

    1. Server:Asia #1 2. Date: 2015/06/14(UTC+8) 3. Time: 22:32(UTC+8) 4. Place: Amsterdam 5. Perpetrator: China-[Fec]-xiaojie 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198152812561 7. Description: Blocking and Ramming 8. Video/Picture:
  2. [TW-STC]ttooyy12

    Spedition KOG Marcel CHEF - Ramming

    1. Server:EU #1 2. Date: 2015/05/23(UTC+8) 3. Time: 18:48(UTC+8) 4. Place: Aalborg->Hirtshals 5. Perpetrator: Spedition KOG Marcel CHEF 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: Additional data: N/D from log_spawning 7. Description: Ramming 2 times for me,the video is NO.2, and I am the NO.2 people ramming from he 8. Video/Picture:
  3. [TW-STC]ttooyy12

    Ramming report

    Server: EU1Date: 2015/02/09Time: (UTC+08:00) 23:45:25Place: FerriesPerpetrator(s) Steam URL or Steamid64: 76561198157166739Description:I want to report player Jamie He was rammed into me I had reported him in the game But there was no adm punish heVideo/Picture: http://www.twitch.tv/ttooyy12/c/6069923