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  1. I like how ETS2 with TruckersMP used to be. The glitching trailers, flying lorries and random crashes was part of the game. It made the jobs and deliveries more interesting. Short jobs are fine. Just drive down a road and that's the end. But now if you dare to take a long job, you just drive down a longer road for hours. Not much happens. No pile-ups. No crashes. No arguments. No annoying car drivers ramming into everyone. Just a never-ending piece of tarmac. I know it is a Simulation game, but if you are looking for something as realistic as it can get, just become a truck driver in real life. It is a game. Emergency braking or swerving out of the way of a crash is good practice for real-life life-saving manoeuvres. And for people who have a life away from the computer and a real life job, they might not have much time to play. So they would be able to do 1 or 2 long jobs in the time they could have done 3 or 4 long jobs because of speed limits.
  2. @purrie I do agree with you: Why should competent drivers have to suffer? But in my opinion, there should still be the option for more realistic simulation (still not up to real-life standards) and for the old EU#2 simulation. Although it is a simulator, it is still a game and it will never be exactly like real life and I think how they had it before was good. It was the same as we have now (a simulation server (EU#1)) but with a server without the speed restrictions (EU#2). All that we've done is force everyone to either go 110kph or not be able to hit things. Not hitting things sounds like a good idea at first, but then you get more idiot drivers who drive straight through you and you end up not being able to see where you are going and you crash! Also, it is part of the game and if it is taken out it makes it less enjoyable. And what I am saying is: If the Arcade servers get scrapped (because they have a lot of player slots unused) then the money from them can go into making a new server just like the EU#2 server for the players that liked how it was before! The Simulation 1 server can still be there for the players that like how it is now! Then it should suit everyone! Many people don't like getting crashed into occasionally, and they can play on the Simulation 1 server. I preferred how it was before when we had the choice. I played on EU#2 because I could drive at higher speeds and I was one who can actually control my vehicle at speed. I didn't mind the occasional crash so I stayed on EU#2. It is clear that many people liked EU#2 as it was and many people like Simulation 1 as it is now especially as the votes on the poll are extremely close. So why can't we have both servers? If it costs too much, as I said before, the Arcade servers could get scrapped or TMP could raise money for the servers. maybe not??? If people say it is not realistic and ETS2 is a Simulation game, they can play on the Simulation server! But the point I am trying to make clear, is that if people like it both ways, why don't we have both options? Thanks for the input, Revi
  3. @purrieYes and that is why (because there are both sides to the argument) there should be two servers with both options. And because it costs, maybe the servers should be made smaller (2300 slots)? And replace the other Arcade servers to save on costs? Because they have 300 people playing when there could be many more and it is a waste of the servers and money. Why can't that money be put into these servers and make them bigger (back to 4200 slots)? Then players have the choice. They should not be limited to one option. Also, while I've been playing (a couple of years) I only came across these 'GTA idiots' four times. It was so uncommon for me that I could carry on playing. Unintentional crashes may happen between players, and that is fine - it makes the jobs more exciting and fun. One of the times I came across the players who purposely annoy others was on a motorway. They were blocking all of the lanes with their trailers. I managed to get past one of them but then they rammed in front of me. Finally they did move but this did cause significant damage to many players who had to stop. And these new speed limits would not have stopped that because they were not moving. I have not come across an idiot in the new servers yet, but I have not played as much as I used to. If the traffic / amount of vehicles you come across is not realistic, why do the speed limits need to be realistic? We now drive at speeds that we would if there were so many vehicles it would be unsafe to (like real life). But there aren't that many vehicles, so what is the point? When overtaking people, especially if you are both going the same speed, it's just not going to happen. You'll be sitting there in your truck flooring it and you'll just be blocking up the outside lane because you have not gained on the other person. And then your stuck behind someone when you used to be able to actually overtake them. 93mph / 150kph may not be the most realistic speed, especially for a truck, but what is the point of going slower? In cities (where most people are) there was still a limit: you could not go over 80kph once you entered and if someone pulled out of a depot in front of you, at that speed, you'd be able to stop. And if you dislike the 93mph / 150 kph, you could always revert to the other server with the other option. Choice. I also see both sides of the argument, and while I am slightly biased, I will accept what ever is said / chosen. And if different people want both of the following: - the slower speed limits for more realistic gameplay and less crashes - to be able to go faster, overtake people and don't mind crashes much Why not have separate servers for both opinions? Then it would suit everyone.
  4. @FernandoCR [ESP] Ah. I did not take into account the price-side of the servers. When I played on EU#2, I hardly ever got rammed, but I see what you mean. When it did happen it was very frustrating. In my opinion, I didn't mind getting crashed into occasionally, or the odd pile-up as it makes deliveries a little more interesting. Though this may reduce the realism for drivers and might cost a little to repair, it did not bother me, or any of my friends too much. While I was not one who liked to cause the chaos, being crashed into did not ruin the game for me. But on the realistic side of it, even when 4200 people are playing in a server you don't come across many other players whereas in real life there would be large amounts of traffic on most roads. The majority of the trucks ever you see are in bustling cities or when there is an event which forces everyone to certain depots. If people want it more like a realistic simulation game, they should just play single-player. As you said, any decision TMP staff make shall be accepted.
  5. @FernandoCR [ESP] Well then a test can be conducted and if players prefer it then it can be permanent: - Two servers, both with 4200 slots, but one as the Simulation Server and one as the old EU#2 server rules. There may be times where a player gets crashed into and gets a bit annoyed, but all in all, this will make the game more interesting and exciting. This should also decrease the amount of 'people who don't give a **** about others' in the Simulation server so people who like the game realistic can go about their journey without the hassle of common crashes. Again, there is freedom. People who don't enjoy EU#2 server's lack of rules can join Simulation servers. And when EU#2 was running, the crashes didn't push many players to join the other servers (which they could if they wanted to). They carried on using EU#2. As you said, they may have stayed because there were more players but I am saying that it didn't get to the point that many players decided to change servers. If people want both servers, which evidently they do, why does it have to be so restricted?
  6. But it is part of the game, and that is what bans are for. Again, there should be options. A server with Collisions enabled but the speed limiter disabled would be a good option. And remember when there was one? It was always packed out. Clearly, it was the server that the majority of the players liked. But there should also be a Simulation server with collisions enabled but with the speed limiter for people who like to stick by the rules. Remember when there was one? It was not very popular, but it should still be there.
  7. Yes, there are 2 servers without speed limits, but they do not have collisions enabled. This makes the game boring. And yes, it is a simulator, but for all of the players who like driving fast and crashing into things, we'd like to have the option. And when we did have that option, it was packed out and the simulation server was nearly empty. 2 of the old EU#2 servers would be a good addition.
  8. It's nice to have options: Simulation or Arcade, but I as well as many other players like going fast and crashing into things. I think there should be a server with Cars enabled, Collisions enabled, but the Speed limiter to be switched off. And as someone else has said, when we did have that option, the Simulation server with the speed limiter was the empty one. ETS2 is a Simulation game (it's in the title) but it is also a game, and that is why we need more options.
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