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  1. Finally have some way to help TMP! Awsome!
  2. Both of them, u know, sometimes surrounding doesn't allow u to use your mic, and I can just type and communicate with others lol
  3. Well, they think this is just a game.. and play Truck simulator as GTA5 lol
  4. Good idea! I think AI traffice is more helpful for authenticity, after all, it is "simulation" right? If there is no car in a place with less player in server, only you are driving alone on the road. I think it is not very good for "simulation". (And u know, don't wanna be alone ;-;)
  5. As the title, We know that the previous update allows ETS2 to use voice navigation in settings, but there is no way to customize the voice (for example, using the voice navigation MOD from steam workshop). But what if TMP allows players to use voice navigation MOD? what do you think?
  6. It is worth for me tho, really love it lol
  7. -i5 6500 -27GB Ram -GTX 970 (4GB) -1TB SSD 6TB HDD -Cooling Master Fan
  8. I think G29 is quite good, but I am using Driving Force GT tho.... (cheaper lol
  9. -Xplan11 -Minecraft -GTA5 -World of Warships -CSGO -P3Dv4 -MUSYNX -Beat Saber -VR Chat -L4D2 -Nekopara
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