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  1. I really enjoy foggy/rainy weather (especially during night). It just has a different vibe to it. Add fitting Music on top and you have the perfect vibe to your trip. Best Regards. Zysto
  2. Zysto

    4 trailers

    According to rule §5.1 you are allowed to use trailers which consist of up to 3 parts for ets2, and up to 5 parts for ats. This means that you sadly are not allowed to drive trailers bigger than stated in the rule above. You also have to consider that while some longer trailers are allowed, you are still the one who is responsible if something happens (e.g. accident) because you couldn't control your haulage (as of rule §3 - Safe Editing). So always be aware of that and remember to drive safely! Best Regards. Zysto
  3. Danke dir für die Arbeit und die Übersetzung! Freu mich schon dort mal vorbeizuschauen ? Beste Grüße. Zysto
  4. I'm really excited about the rework and i'm looking forward to take a trip there. Keep up the great work guys! Best Regards. Zysto
  5. Congratz!

  6. It would just be too troublesome and chaotic if everyone could choose any mod they wanted to, to use in TruckersMP. Besides, it's very unlikely that every mod will work without causing any problem. It's basically just not possible to make every modification work with TruckersMP. It would also be an extra factor which most of TruckersMP's staff members would have to be aware of when doing their work, which is also very unlikely because there are just too many (different) modifications out there. Best Regards. Zysto
  7. Zysto

    Queen Elizabeth II

    It's a sad loss for everybody. We all were scared of the day this would happen. Rest in Peace beloved Queen
  8. Hey there and welcome! In my eyes the most important thing to build up a healthy VTC is the motivation and the ambition of the creator. If the creator isn't convinced of what he wants to achieve it will only go downhill/stay as it is. Then there's the question of what's the actual goal of your VTC. Do you want your VTC to radiate high professionalism or is your VTC meant to just be a fun environment for people to come together? Secondly things like being active (e.g. attending events while representing your vtc in a good light) and just overall 'advertising' come to place. Another thing that has to be considered is obviously how the members of your VTC are treated. Not like in terms of things to offer, but more as in how you treat them internally. If a person stays in your VTC for how the environment feels and not for what you have to offer, then you know you are doing a good job. Sure, things like a custom website, custom tracker, custom drivers hub, etc. are nice additions. But those things are not what makes a good VTC, a good VTC. It's all the members behind it and how everyone complies with each other. This is my view on this topic. Excited to see what other members have to say ? Best Regards. Zysto
  9. I really enjoy hauling cargo that needs to be refridgerated. I don't have an exact reason as for why. I just like the 'feeling' the cargo/the trailer gives me. Plus i like the simple looks of the trailer. My second choice would be oversized cargo because i love myself a challenge! Best Regards. Zysto
  10. Congratz on joining the team! ?

  11. First time playing around with Local Mods





    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great looking Renault ??❤️:HaulieLove:

  12. In my opinion? Absolutely. It's a great community and a great mod with lots of passionate people doing their best to make this a better place for everyone. In the end it's obviously your choice but i can highly recommend it. Depending on how long you've been absent there are lots of new updates from the TruckersMP devs which make the modification a whole lot more enjoyable! Best Regards. Zysto
  13. I find the system very nice and appealing. It's easy to navigate and to find a suiting VTC. The joining process obviously differs from VTC to VTC. Some may be simpler, others more complicated. As for events i would say that most VTC's do a good job when it comes to either attending a event or even planning their own event. Overall i think it's a well executed system and most VTC's are doing a really good job at everything. Best Regards. Zysto
  14. It's been a while but i'm fully back again.

    Feels good to be back!

    1. OnurBey.


      Hello; @Zysto
      Welcome back to the forum. :truestory:
      Best Regards;


    2. Zysto


      Thank you ?

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
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