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  1. It's just simply amazing what this project has become and i can't wait to experience what lies ahead of all of us. I'm really thankful to the people that started this great project, and i'm also really thankful to all the people that maintain and put lots of work into it. Really looking forward to everything that will come. Ya'll are doing some serious work with this and it's just incredible to see this project grow and grow for each day that passes.
  2. Back from a break and in love with the new DAF 😍


  3. I absolutely love it. It's the only truck i've been using since it came out and i'm totally amazed by it. They really did a great work on it and i can't wait for the future things they have in store I also love the cams, very futuristic ^^
  4. Heyho. Ich bin ja echt überrascht dass dieses Topic immer noch existiert, wenn man bedenkt dass es 2014 erstellt wurde. Wow!
  5. Happy Birthday! 😍

    1. Zysto


      Very late but thank youuu ❤️

  6. Would you drive this?


    1. Fezz98


      That's different 😮


    2. Zysto


      @Fezz98 Yes, it is :D

  7. Meine Glückwünsche ✌️ 🥳

    1. Polyxena


      Vielen lieben Dank 😊!

  8. Zysto

    4 Million Users!

    Big love and my congratulations to this amazing project
  9. Tomorrow is the day to spend with your loved ones! 

    Meaning ---> Get your truck out on the roads because who doesn't love their truck!







    Real Meaning ---> No seriously. Get your truck out

  10. I like modern but simplistic looking trucks. My favourite brands are Scania, Volvo and DAF I absolutely dislike chrome on any truck. Best Regards. Zysto
  11. Late but happy b-day noobio! 

    1. Coolio85


      Thank youuuu ❤️

  12. I wait at all red lights, so i don't worry about that haha. But i can kinda see where you are coming from. Best Regards. Zysto
  13. Thank you for the follow. Appreciated!

    1. ALLIANCE Jean M.

      ALLIANCE Jean M.

      You're welcome ;) 

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