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  1. It was a brilliant day definitely , 28th of May marked another convoy from Pries Logistics . 
    I am so happy and proud to be a part of such brilliant team and especially that I was able to help out with organizing and making this event possible! 

    I'd like to thank everyone who attended our convoy today , i hope we'll see you on many more ! 

    Love you all ,
    Pries Logistics 

    (Below are some photos that were taken from our convoy , *not by me* )





    Take care!

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    2. .Pedro.
    3. Ömer N. [24]
    4. Davinchø


      Brilliant photos, it was a really nice convoy ❤️

  2. It was quite a long time since i last uploaded on forum , so let's bring it back on! :love:




    These are some of my favorite pictures i got recently , i hope you'll like them 😍

    Pries Logistics 

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    2. Winter~


      Big fan buddy amdeeeennnn ❤️ 

    3. MatzeOnTour


      Nicce photos and nice pries truck :love:

    4. pofii


      Great photos 🙂 

  3. Recently got my hands on Iberia and i am loving it! 😍

    These are few of my screenshots i managed to take along the trip !🤭




    Pries Logistics

  4. ets2_20210411_214431_00BC.png

    Thank you for the convoy @B&Č Transport Creeper_jax it was a pleasure working as a Convoy Control  on this occasion . 😁

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    2. raffaeloo


      That's cool! 

    3. Winter~


      Best event meen ❤️ 

    4. pofii


      Nice photo 🙂

  5. ets2_20210406_041011_0002.png

    It was a pleasure driving with @TFM_Flynn& @Velcta last night!

    Pries Logistics

  6. Long drive down some of the nicest roads Iceland can offer with :

    @TFM_Flynn @ProbablyPoland @BenjaminTheThird



    We ended up on some isolated parts of it and managed to take these 2 pictures 😁

    Pries Logistics 

  7. Had a brilliant drive with 🥰❤️ @CuteCat!


    Second run with Skodas , we had too .😂


    And then Late Night drive with @ProbablyPoland & @TFM_Flynn, it was awesome 😍


    Wish you all the best & take care!

    Pries Logistics 

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    2. povgamer


      Great pictures!

    3. Expectancy


      Awesome photo :love:

    4. pofii


      Nice pictures 🙂 

  8. ets2_20201228_221303_210.png

    Not the best quality 😄 
    but it's one of my favorite one from Christmas event

    Pries Logistics

  9. ets2_20210325_030201_200.png


    Thank you for a brilliant journey last night! ❤️ 😍 @*Winged* @ProbablyPoland @MXL94305CP 

    And we also stumbled upon  @JuanK_TMP 😁

    Pries Logistics

  10. ets2_20210323_031602_106.png

    Morning view  ❤️ 😍

    Pries Logistics

    1. Syna


      Wonderful photo! ❤️

    2. Expectancy


      Awesome :love:

    3. TFM_Flynn
  11. ets2_20210318_212653_102.png?width=1214&

    On a road trip exploring France! 😍

    Pries Logistics 

    1. StraightEdgeSocieth


      Wow looking like a brand new! 

    2. wesleyr99


      Cool, France?

    3. Winter~
  12. ets2_20200827_153844_101.png

    One of my first photos ever taken since i started playing on TruckersMP ❤️ 

    Wish you all a good night as well 🙂 

    Pries Logistics 


  13. ets2_20210314_005102_67.png

    Testing some new stuff , how do you like it?

    Take care & stay safe ❤️ 

    Pries Logistics

    1. TFM_Flynn


      Amazing Photo!

    2. Winter~


      Looks great ❤️ 

    3. Expectancy
  14. ats_20210201_211057_00_2.png

    Such a beautiful truck ❤️ 

    Take care & stay safe!

    Pries Logistics 

  15. Congratulations @Winter~, i missed you buddy ❤️ 

    1. Winter~


      Thank you buddy @Sikret, Missed you guys as well a lot. ❤️ 

  16. ets2_20210310_225003_20.png



    Few pictures from my adventure I had with @TFM_Flynn @ProbablyPoland & @Klingan ❤️ !!

    I wish you all good night & take care on the roads ! 🙂 

    Stay safe!

    Pries Logistics 

    1. StaticTMP


      Amazing photos, Sikret. ^-^

    2. Winter~


      Amazing pics buddy ❤️ 

    3. TFM_Flynn


      Amazing Photos! 😍

  17. ets2_20210308_015604_11.png


    Another beautiful haul with my DAF ❤️ 

    1. povgamer


      Looks great!

    2. MatzeOnTour


      Nice picture :love:

    3. TFM_Flynn


      Amazing Photos! 😍

  18. ets2_20210108_224233_09.png

    Wish you all safe & enjoyable road trips!

    Pries Logistics ❤️ 

  19. ets2_20200906_154120_01.png

    This is image is of me first time with Pries colors and one of my favorite ones 😍 

  20. ets2_20210107_185216_00.png

    It's not the powerful beast but it's the most beautiful one 😍

    Wish you all the best & be safe  ! 

    Pries Logistics ❤️ 

    1. Colored_Greens


      Best DAF :mlg_doge:

    2. sgtharley5050


      Nice photo love the truck 

  21. ets2_20210304_031048_00.png

    Speed & Power Jeremy Clarkson --> @Sikret Captain Slow James May --> @TFM_Flynn HAMMOND!!! Richard Hammond --> @ProbablyPoland 

    Legends says three musketeers had an adventure on Kirkenes Quarry and they have conquered the world . 


    1. TFM_Flynn
    2. povgamer


      The legend is true.

  22. ets2_20210117_172935_00.png

    Beautiful morning outside , time to do some deliveries ❤️ 

    Pries Logistics

    1. TheRealOzzyKemp [NL]

      TheRealOzzyKemp [NL]

      Multivtc rec ban :kekw:

    2. Red'Sire


      Nice pic! :love: 

  23. It all began back at 07/08/2020 when i decided i'd join Pries Logistics . At the beginning of my journey i was trying to keep it quite , meet few people and just do my job i was supposed to do . Drive by the rules gain xp attend convoys and have fun time to time . For me it was completely new experience joining such a huge VTC  and be a part of something that seemed back in when i joined like one of the best VTC's in the game i could've joined . It was scary in the beginning not gonna lie . I was literally afraid of messing anything up throughout my Trial experience . First convoy was literally me driving in front of BLACKSK1LL , at the moment i thought I'm done for sure . Surprisingly i managed to get through it even tho i had no faint in me . From a basic driver who was honestly at the beginning of my whole carrier messing around to now being a serious driver grinding KM's everyday attending convoys and doing my best to set myself and drivers around me the best experience possible while we're driving . After i passed my Trial period i finally became official Pries Driver . I was so happy that i wasn't able to describe it at all . I managed and succeeded to become something i wasn't even thinking of . From the day that i became official driver my complete view on the game changed . I started meeting new people everyday , started driving with loads of them for hours and hours sometimes even being up till 4-5am just to have a nice journey through Scandinavia and base map itself . When i got confident enough i started exploring the VTC itself . Started looking for new friends and started getting along with Staff team and just trying to put myself into the perfect community i wasn't even  able to think of . Slowly but steady i started grinding my way up . I wasn't competing with anyone neither i am today . Just wanted to show what am i capable of to people around me . People started gaining trust in me and started helping me out and i just felt like this VTC is made for me . In between all members the first person I've actually driven alot and had fun in the beginning were  Caleb642 and jamesbilik . We've had plenty of fun discovering the map under Pries Logistics and in the same time representing it . People from other companies would always approach me say Hello or wish me a nice journey , after that moment and that experience which i didn't had previously i decided not to leave at all . It adds to the game a complete new look and feel as well . After some time spent in the VTC i decided to put myself to some use and actually seek something that will help VTC in some form or shape . I was thinking of joining Examination team and try to recruit best of the best drivers and also between Event Team . I choose Event team , honestly when i was applying i wasn't sure 100% in my driving skills and will i be even capable of doing such a thing and in other hand Event team is in charge of making event's for whole VTC possible and giving people some of the best experiences possible by exploring the maps and some of the most beautiful roads throughout the base map and all other dlc's . And then i applied for Event Team , i took me few hours to make a application and to think of the best possible way of describing what am i capable of and what can give to the community . After 2 days or so @RB1988 approached me and said i was accepted . Damn that day i was so excited and happy i wasn't even thinking of anything else besides me becoming a Trial event team . My first experience was at the Quality Express 2 year anniversary . I was fairly familiar with what is my job and what i have to do . But still i had doubts in me and that me kind of insecure in the beginning of handling a job of Convoy Control . After that event finished and i got positive feedback it boosted my confidence way up . I decided to practice by myself and find the most efficient way of doing my job properly so i can in the future represent my team and the VTC's itself if i get the chance at any public event in the future . In the beginning @RB1988 was helping me with everything , staying up with me and explaining me the basics and showing me literally everything i had a issue with . He is one the nicest person I've met so far in the Online Community and I'm so thankful about it . Besides him there's @Winter~ @Arix_ @ConnBotUpfor56 [NL]@NorthEastLegend @LimeLime05 and rest of the Event team sadly i wasn't able to tag them but huge respect and love towards them for helping me in the beginning with my career and just being there when i needed them the most and for making this whole experience brilliant  . Of course the rest of the VTC basically is one little family which i am grateful to be apart of . Every single person in our VTC just fits perfectly to this one little puzzle when it is solved makes perfect picture of our community . ❤️❤️❤️  It's not over yet ,  it all just started and i just wanna end this with  I love you all and i am so proud with all of you . 

    Best Regards and much love . 


    ets2_20200916_210623_00 (1).jpg

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    2. Lime.


      It's been great fun having you Sikret. Thank you for the kind words ❤️

    3. TARK777


      Was a pleasure to read this! I’m glad you’re apart of the Pries family! 💛

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