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  1. Hi everyone. First of all, I discovered TruckersMP a few days back and I really enjoy it, but as each and every online game, there are people who try to ruin the fun. Since I am playing, I reported several people for blocking, ramming on purpose and even two people blocking my truck Inside a tunnel with a car (they rammed me, I stopped to report them and one stopped in front of me, the other behind). I came to the sad realization that each and every report I filled ended the same way : no actions were taken, even when the offense was plain intentionnal. Regaring the issue, the question is simple, is TruckersMP's report system really usefull or am I just losing my time ? Second part of the post would be about the suggestion of "sending a request via the site with aditionnal evidence". I run Shadowplay during each of my gaming session so I could ultimately bring more evidence to the cases, but my internet is bad and uploading a video file would take several hours, so there again, am I bothering for Nothing or are there more chances to get actions against offenders ? Thanks !
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