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  1. Suggestion Name: Suggestion message for channel 19 on the quarry road

    Suggestion Description: When in the proximity of the quarry road, suggest players turn their radio to channel 19.

    Why should it be added?: The quarry road is not wide enough for two trucks at a time. Radio communication is important on the road. Many have their radios turned off, and don't remember to turn them on when important. Of course some may not want their radios on, so simply have a reminder message that doesn't require any compliance. The usage of the reminder message may see a reduction in congestion and collisions on the road as drivers are able to communicate with each other on the road.

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  2. Suggestion Name: Recording of collision statistics

    Suggestion Description: A system that registers whenever a vehicle has a collision with another player.

    Why should it be added?: This would allow admins to make an informed decision on whether or not their changes have actually reduced collisions. This would mean that potentially useless safety rules can be removed and potentially useful safety rules can be added. It would be able to decipher whether the 110km/h speed limit has reduced collisions etc.

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  3. Suggestion Name: Permanent 100km/h speed limiter for the C-D road

    Suggestion Description: To place a 100km/h speed limiter throughout the entire C-D road and maybe lower it to 80 through some major crash zones (like the tight corners.) and lower it to 50 through the infamous spots (Diamond interchange with the A73 highway etc and the railway crossing.

    Any example images: No

    Why should it be added?: There is currently a blanket 150km/h speed limiter for all of truckersMP, even on the German Autobahn for some reason. The car speed limit on the C-D road is 100km/h so the fastest anyone should go for the entirety of the C-D is 100km/h. The speed limiter would reduce wreckless overtaking, and wreckless crashes caused by people sitting at 150km/h for the whole C-D road. The suggestion would be easy to implement and should be implemented with a 2 week trial period to show if the C-D road has improved or worsened as a result. If the trial period is successful the speed limiter should remain. It would also partially reduce C-D road traffic flow as it would be faster to go 130-150km/h through French and Belgian multi-lane highways that are much safer at those speeds due to their break down lanes, and 1-2 overtaking lanes.

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  4. On 30/05/2018 at 5:00 PM, SgtBreadStick said:

    Maybe a 5 speed transmission added, new sounds for engines like quieter engine volume as it's very loud, and maybe the interior dashboard view as it's currently using a Scania one, maybe it's possible to have a custom one for the scout that suits it better.

    And the windscreen/windshield wipers need to be done so they actually work and not just move without getting rid of the rain. The braking needs sorting out too which i think you will be doing ;).

    the rear-view mirror isn't just showing seats and shows what's behind the car, the RPM to red-line and not just stop before it, makes it more realistic and better. The speedometer (Speed gauge) changed to be lower speeds due to speed limiter.


    That's all my suggestions and i hope the Scout car will be much better in the future :D

    Why add a 5-speed transmission? VAG products are mostly 6 speed, 5 speed would just mean worse performance due to longer gear ratios.

  5. Suggestion Name: Permanently close the C-D road

    Suggestion Description: Permanently close the C-D road

    Any example images: 

    Why should it be added?: The C-D road is chaos and almost all traffic is on the C-D road. Closing the C-D road would make people have to go to different routes and make other areas have more traffic. At the current point, everywhere else on the map is empty while the C-D road is completely full at all times. This makes driving anywhere else boring, and driving on the C-D chaotic.

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  6. Here are my ideas:

    Small lip spoiler (Nothing excessive, no ricer wings.)

    A choice between 4Motion AWD and FWD

    DSG gearbox

    2.0 TFSI (EA888, 237bhp)

    Better brakes

    Realistic weight

    Realistic headlight range

    Oversteer and understeer (As opposed to just rolling over)

    VRS badging

    3.6L VR6 (From VW Passat R36, 295bhp)

    Lower suspension option (Nothing excessive, the whole wheel must still be outside of the wheel arch.)

    Better window tint

    Realistic fuel consumption and fuel tank size.

  7. Suggestion Name: 2.0 TSI engine for Skoda

    Suggestion Description: A 237bhp 2.0 TSI engine for the Skoda. (A 3.6L VR6 swap would be cool but not realistic, so maybe not.)

    Any example images: No

    Why should it be added?: Most crashes with the Skoda are caused by failed overtakes, a 2.0TSI engine would make the Skoda accelerate faster and able to complete the moves. It wouldn't lead to reckless driving because of the new 150km/h speed limiter. It was previously stated on different Skoda related suggestions that they can't be done as TruckersMP didn't make the mod, however, it wouldn't be hard to request the mod maker to put in 1 new engine. 


    Edit, NVM there's a thread for this. :/

  8. Suggestion Name:  Bring back forum ban reports/appeals.

    Suggestion Description: Bring back the old system for ban reports/appeals

    Any example images: 

    Why should it be added?: The admins are more active on the forum. The ban appeal that my friend wrote (https://truckersmp.com/appeals/view/133687) hasn't been seen in 2 days, I also know that an admin/moderator will see this post before they see that appeal. If it were still the old system that appeal would've been seen already by now. One ban report that I wrote took over a week to be seen. The old system was faster and I see no reason why we can't have both.


    *Edit* The old reporting system of reporting used to be done through posts in the forum in the "Reporting" thread.

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  9. 3 am AU time, that's a terrible time for me. If you made it a 12:00 UTC UK time that'd be fine and then the majority of the world could do the event, the latest it could be would be 2:00 AM Sunday for UTC+14 (yes that's  a real timezone but only for some Pacific islands with small populations.) and the earliest it could be would be 12:00AM Friday. Really stupid time to put the event on.

  10. Suggestion Name: 276bhp Engine for Skoda

    Suggestion Description: a 276bhp 2.0 TSI engine for the Skoda

    Any example images: No

    Why should it be added?: The Skoda drivers have a bad reputation for crashing, but one thing that I've seen alot of is Skodas failing to overtake. Having a 276bhp engine for the Skoda (that is available on the real thing) would mean that the Skoda drivers are happy with their extra power while they aren't causing as many crashes from failing overtakes.

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  11. Just get more admins, I'm sure there's a bunch of people trying to become admins, just get more.


    I agree with the idea about overtaking on inside (called undertaking, btw)

    I referred to it as overtaking on the inside on a single lane road to avoid confusion with dual carriageway undertaking, which should not be banned because of it not being that dangerous and it would also lead to people sulking about it.

  12. Suggestion Name: Road Rule Penalties

    Suggestion Description: Make crossing double white lines an offence with the penalty of a warning, with three warnings in 6 months leading to a 1-week ban and then a 1-month ban, 6-month ban and so on. Also overtaking on the inside on a single lane road have similar penalties, make overtaking in traffic jams have the penalties system too allow speeding (But only to stop people from sulking about it) and have it on all servers.

    Any example images: no.

    Why should it be added?: To reduce crashes

  13. Is racing in cars on non-speed limit sections of German Autobahn sections allowed due to the fact that there is no car speed limit, because if that's the case I would like to organise a Trans-German race from the Swiss border to Kiel.

  14. With the ghost driving someone can't un-ghost until they have a ping of below 400ms and they can't un-ghost when inside of another truck or within 10 metres of it.

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