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  1. Suggestion Name: Suggestion message for channel 19 on the quarry road Suggestion Description: When in the proximity of the quarry road, suggest players turn their radio to channel 19. Why should it be added?: The quarry road is not wide enough for two trucks at a time. Radio communication is important on the road. Many have their radios turned off, and don't remember to turn them on when important. Of course some may not want their radios on, so simply have a reminder message that doesn't require any compliance. The usage of the reminder message may see a reduction in congestion and collisions on the road as drivers are able to communicate with each other on the road.
  2. Suggestion Name: Recording of collision statistics Suggestion Description: A system that registers whenever a vehicle has a collision with another player. Why should it be added?: This would allow admins to make an informed decision on whether or not their changes have actually reduced collisions. This would mean that potentially useless safety rules can be removed and potentially useful safety rules can be added. It would be able to decipher whether the 110km/h speed limit has reduced collisions etc.

    When the Eurobeat kicks in.

  4. The Skoda is being updated, I'm wondering when that's released.
  5. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: How do I check? Controllers Used: Driving Force GT Description of Issue: I moved my car but was still AFK kicked How to reproduce: Look in video Screenshots / Videos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XbtQjJCv9wEj40nz49x5DHgoJNG3pR9B/view?usp=sharing (You don't have to download it, it has a webplayer.)
  6. There's nothing on the website to say that they're down other than it displaying as 0 people playing. However, this looks like it's just the player counter that's broken.
  7. The majority of Earth lives in East Asia.
  8. For the next event like real ops I think you should make it at 12:00 UTC so that people in other timezones can do it too.

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Not gonna happen, it's today and 12 utc was 16 mins ago

  9. 3 am AU time, that's a terrible time for me. If you made it a 12:00 UTC UK time that'd be fine and then the majority of the world could do the event, the latest it could be would be 2:00 AM Sunday for UTC+14 (yes that's a real timezone but only for some Pacific islands with small populations.) and the earliest it could be would be 12:00AM Friday. Really stupid time to put the event on.
  10. Ever heard of recording?
  11. Just because it will be hard to enforce, doesn't mean there shouldn't be rules against it.
  12. Just get more admins, I'm sure there's a bunch of people trying to become admins, just get more. I referred to it as overtaking on the inside on a single lane road to avoid confusion with dual carriageway undertaking, which should not be banned because of it not being that dangerous and it would also lead to people sulking about it.
  13. Suggestion Name: Road Rule Penalties Suggestion Description: Make crossing double white lines an offence with the penalty of a warning, with three warnings in 6 months leading to a 1-week ban and then a 1-month ban, 6-month ban and so on. Also overtaking on the inside on a single lane road have similar penalties, make overtaking in traffic jams have the penalties system too allow speeding (But only to stop people from sulking about it) and have it on all servers. Any example images: no. Why should it be added?: To reduce crashes
  14. Dudeface


    Sections of German Autobahn have no car speed limit. Is racing allowed on those sections?
  15. Dudeface


    Is racing in cars on non-speed limit sections of German Autobahn sections allowed due to the fact that there is no car speed limit, because if that's the case I would like to organise a Trans-German race from the Swiss border to Kiel.
  16. +1 But I say put it into EU2 as well, that would make for a truly comedic C-D road! Skodas sliding around trucks jackknifing, chaos!
  17. As a driver of the Skoda I agree. A way for this to be added without the driving physics of the Skoda getting worse would be to also change the tyre physics of the Skoda so they have a lot more grip, at the current point the tyres have less grip than that of a truck so adding grip to the tyres while reducing the weight will be making the crashes more realistic. +1 But unfortunately it probably won't be added.
  18. because TMP hasn't updated to fit the patch yet. Try backdating your game.
  19. When i go to report a player in the tab menu because I am a wheel user it just makes me look around to use the mouse so how do i get my mouse to show up in the tab menu?
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