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  1. I use the road only because it is a quick way to Germany but I get off the road at the Brussels exit.
  2. If we lower the speed limit, then the crashes won't be as bad as they are now. Getting hit at about 60 kph would be better than getting hit at 110 kph. How?
  3. I mostly try to avoid the area but I like getting things done quickly so I usually just use the C-D road because the other routes are longer. I drive slower on the road just do be safer if I have to use it.
  4. I have gone to Duisburg around 9 p.m before and it wasn't too bad. There was only about 20-30 people. The only time that I was able to get out of there in one piece...
  5. I have gotten in so many crashes on this road recently and I was wondering if you guys would want the speed limiter lowered. I usually go about 60 kph and I get overtaken and get involved in a crash because the person overtaking didn't look to see if anyone was coming. Voice your opinions!
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