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  1. I read through everyone's post carefully. To sum up some useful idea, single player mode is a good simulator because it contains ai traffic. You drive in the flow at 90kmph is totally comfortable. HOWEVER, if you choose multiplayer mode, as it removes all the traffic, it loses some features of a simulator, you should acknowledge that the full-simulator speed limit isn't suitable for the half-simulator. To determine the best speed limit for the multiplayer mode, the principle is to keep safe. On a long straight highway, keep 120 is very easy. While on national roads, you can limit the speed to 100. On these winding roads I mostly keep my speed under 90.
  2. When both servers were not full, 150 server still had more players than 90 server.
  3. I play trainsimulator as well. And always drive 5 kph lower than the speed limit. I treat ETS and ATS casual.
  4. I drive cars. In real life 50 mph (not kph) appears fast enough to me, which I have to concentrate on the lane and other cars. But in ATS and ETS, driving at 50 mph needs much less concentration.
  5. In the past, the 150 km/h server had more people than the 90km/h server. Why would you ignore that fact. I'd say in long and straight high-way with no other traffic, it's very easy to control. Just watch for the curves and speed down. That's what I always do. I drive at 120 does not mean I dont step on brake.
  6. The feel of controlling a heavy big machine. Playing racing games is to compete who is faster, but playing transporting games is for who drives further.
  7. Interesting that when the main (first) server had no limit, the second was 90, more people played on the first. When the first server was limited to 150 while the second was still 90, more people played on the first server. If there were really so many realism players, why didnt they choose the second server. So I assume people always gather in the first server.
  8. Confirmed. The limiter automatically turned on during some updates. I dont know exactly in real world. but in the game I found no difference in traction between 4*2 6*4 and 8*4 axle lifted. What I found is before the tollbooth the more axles the shorter of brake distance is.
  9. You mentioned realism.   1. the game cannot simulate real environment - many traffic participants, wind noise, uneven ground, different texture of the road, damage and dirt on the truck, and even co-driver. Since these conditions aren't satisfied, there is no meaning to force players drive at the law speed. If one wants to drive at 90, I respect him and wont force him to 120.   2. Not only truck fans come to this game. I am a railway fan, our cargo trains run at 120kph. My friend is not a truck fan, he focus on the scenery of America, so he plays ATS only. Another of my friends he plays ETS2 for practicing driving. There are various of people found this game and the MP community fun. I hope this community is a inclusive one that not dominated by a part of players.
  10. I am a 120kph long distance driver. I think 120kph is the best speed for me to remain safety while enjoying driving. update : It was the speed limiter being turned on in some updates that made think the speed limit reduced again.   1. At 120kph player have more intensive feedback and interaction with the game. You have to watch the road and control the speed, while at 90kph you can safely drive through most winding roads. Also at 120, your brain receives more information at a time, which stimulate your brain to be active. It's very very easy to get sleepy at 90, because the scenery repeats, and you have nothing more than one thumb to use during driving (controller).   2. I used to drive 1800-2000 km before getting tired, but as the speed limit dropped 110, I could only do 1200-1500km and now at speed of 90, 1000km is my maximum range. There is less fun when the mileage decreases.   3. At a maximum speed limit of 120, you re able to choose to overtake people, or be overtaken. This add more participation to the game where you have to watch the mirrors, keep driving strictly in the lane, use your high beam and whistle. Further, due to speed difference, you can meet people on the road, group up and make friends. At 90, everyone keeps a certain distance forever.   4. A wide speed range provide different choices for trucks. The 8*4 truck accelerates slow but is much more steady at high speeds, and has a great brake force. If the speed is limited to 90, whats the point of choosing 8*4 trucks.   5. about ramming. Many players suffer from ramming including me. Now the administrators seemed to find a good way to reduce this - limiting the speed. For a better understanding, let me take an example. Do you think banning all games with blood, sex and violence is a good solution for all?    Here I provide some ideas. First, new players should have a certain online mileage of probation period during which he should not get a ban. The probation period can be set in a separate server or in the normal servers. Second, making the online report effective. If most online reports become operative on that day, the rammers will be more cautious. I know there must be objections, so I dont appeal to raise the speed limit to 120. I just suggest you put the Arcade server to the top and set it to 4500 people max.
  11. Suggestion Name: haul/drag/tow function Suggestion Description: when a player wants to tow or to be towed, he press a key/button to get into towing position while showing a sign in the game (like the horn). The first two tow-position players within a distance will automatically connect with a rope which can be connected to the centers of the vehicles. Press the same key/button to quit tow position and detach the towing rope. Any example images: You can find this feature in WarThunder. Why should it be added?: Sometimes we drive our truck off road or break the engine by accident. In the game physics we basically have no traction off the road. It's helpless to get the truck and trailer back to road. What's more if you are doing an external mission you don't even have the chance to teleport to the repair station. To have more interaction between players we can ask for other's help.
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