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  1. I want to ask what criteria you use for the subject of the reports. It is happening to me that they are making me very serious mistakes, I send the reports with their corresponding film evidence and they are declined. Example? Many, turn me in a U in front, causing me to lose track. Also, two trucks parked in the opposite direction to mine, one comes out and hits me. Another locks me in a curve sending me into the stratosphere. These are some of the cases, not to mention many of those that declined me and that hurt me in the game. This is taking away my desire to continue playing it because I see a certain degree of impunity with the cited tests. They beat me once for overtaking a truck just before getting off a highway- That's why they gave me 15 days and, when I report much more serious faults, they decline them. Someone please tell me what the criteria is because I don't understand anything else and as I told you, they are making me want to continue playing it. Regards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTUs-97e6ls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5xf_J9nbr4
  2. Necesito ayuda de un administrador para poder reingresar nuevamente a la cuenta, en este caso, de un amigo que la tiene bloqueada por la verificacion de dos pasos ya que no tiene el acceso a la aplicacion de verificacion de dos pasos. Si se pueden por favor, poner en contacto con el a traves de e mail: {e-mail adress deleted} En su defecto a traves de discord: Username: eze1603#6335
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