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  1. ^ I'd have to agree. One of my favourite things about the Scandinavia DLC is that the motorways don't have sharp curves, like the vanilla map has.
  2. ^ Haha!! I guess compared to what we've all seen on the internet, it seems as though the AI in ETS2 are better drivers than most Russians Nice mod indeed!
  3. ^ I bet they've fixed those bugs by now I'd definitely recommend the combo of ProMods and RusMap!
  4. Thank you El1teZombiezHD! I'd like to get a proper discussion going in here As previously asked; What are your favourite stretches of road in ETS2, with or without mods?
  5. Ohhh man. I remember crossing it for the first time. Jaw dropped
  6. It's no secret that I love RusMap. It's a work of art. One of my favourite stretches to drive is Moscow-Voronezh-Kursk-Roslavl. It really showcases how the authors are able to construct Russia's - frankly glorious - landscape into 3D. The mixture of metropolitan areas, fields of green and all those little towns you drive through really give the map its charm. I made a timelapse of my trip from Kursk to Roslavl with some relaxing music in the background for you to enjoy, and I'd be really happy if you'd give it a look and maybe share it around. Link: What are your favourite stretches of road in ETS2, with or without mods?
  7. That should do over 60 FPS on ultra graphics in rural areas (multi- and single player). I have similar specs and I do sometimes experience FPS drops (framerape) when stuff gets really crowded.
  8. Welcome, Dazon You'll find that the forum community is much friendlier than the in-game one XD
  9. Hmm... weird. Try some basic solutions to begin with: * Restart your computer * Restart your router * Check if your firewall is blocking the connection * Check if your antivirus programme is blocking the connection Good luck
  10. Any progress with your problem, Mr Wifi? It might be temporary. It happens to me from time to time. Just wait for 10 seconds and the game will automatically try to reconnect.
  11. I got a G25 after having it recommended to me here on the forum. I'd recommend it to you as well! It's a whole new experience. You can surely get a pre-owned one for a nice price
  12. The G25 was shipped today. Thanks to everyone for the information, etc.!
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