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  1. Hmm... weird. Try some basic solutions to begin with: * Restart your computer * Restart your router * Check if your firewall is blocking the connection * Check if your antivirus programme is blocking the connection Good luck
  2. Any progress with your problem, Mr Wifi? It might be temporary. It happens to me from time to time. Just wait for 10 seconds and the game will automatically try to reconnect.
  3. Martin6, can you give us an update? Did any of our suggestions fix your problem?
  4. Aegwynn

    No Jobs

    Hm, OK. Using a save game fixed it for me back in the day. You're on EU1, right?
  5. No, that shouldn't be necessary. Try restarting your router. This message comes up when you connect, disconnect mid-game and then connect again.
  6. Good luck, everyone! Lots of people here who deserve the position!
  7. Hi there. I'd suggest lowering your graphics settings to begin with. Also, make sure your GPU drivers are updated. Is your internet connection slow? You can test it at speedtest.net.
  8. That's weird. Would you mind *ahem* sending me those GPUs so I can *ahem* look into it? But yeah. That's a weird problem for such a monster PC as yours. Why would the game crash during initialisation only in MP?
  9. Hahaha, I guess those GPUs are updated then Regarding the CPU drivers, you can check for updates in Device Manager. Try tweaking the graphics a bit, even though I "believe" your PC can handle Ultra (and beyond that).
  10. Aegwynn

    No Jobs

    Besides maxing out the extra cargo licenses, there's no other way. You're taking the "no jobs spawning" bug to a whole new level! Try DLing a save game. Check if the bug appears on that profile as well.
  11. That's really weird, but let's look at what's triggering the crash here. Obviously what triggers it here is when you initialise the game world. The game world might be corrupt, your GPU/CPU drivers might be out of date (especially PhysX). Make sure you have the latest Visual C++ and .NET Framework installed. What should you do? I'd recommend verifying the game cache to begin with. If that does not work, check for outdated drivers and patches. If that does not solve your problem, - reinstall both the mod and the standalone game. Hope this works out for you. Good luck!
  12. Sure, but the guy could be a newbie pulling a 25 tonne load with a weak engine for all I know.
  13. I saw the links and I could only find the CPU stats - everything is scattered around. OP, how much RAM do you have? How many gigabytes is your GPU?
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