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  1. Hello everyone, how are you all?

  2. I'm in the middle, old Scania 5 Series/6 series are my personal favourites, I like the new Scania S and the DAF XF106's aswell.
  3. Thank you for the follow!

  4. So, I've recently gotten back into map editing after giving up on it the first time, and I remember why: I can't seem to find an up to date guide/video series on how to map edit that's in English. I found some basic guides on how to get set up, and they helped for the first 5-10 minutes, but once you actually get into trying to create new cities/roads, the guides get harder and harder to find. I was wandering if anyone here knows of any good, reasonably easy to follow guides that I could use, or why there just doesn't seem to be any up to date guides.
  5. Gotta be my 2.6 Million Mile Scania S (4.3 Million Kilometers) Other than that, probably either a DAF XF106 or a Mercedes-Benz New Actros
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