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  1. Hello @Shplupen! 1. Try to reinstall your Euro Truck Simulator 2. 2. Try to make an another Profile in Single Player, make an SAVE and run TruckersMP Launcher. 3. Try to reinstall your TruckersMP Launcher. Some of those could help to solve your Problem. King Regards, Cheeki Breeki. #0573
  2. Hello @PepeZukas, there was an Information on TruckersMP that there werenΒ΄t any way to downgrade that ETS2 Version. You can play TruckersMP Launcher as normal now. Everything has been changed and normalised. Have fun playing ETS2MP. =) King Regards, Cheeki Breeki. #0573
  3. Hello Soul Knight, please move this Topic to Solved. Thanks to @CrystaLMartin for his Answer. King Regards, D.Gaming
  4. Hello Truckers, I saw this here on an YouTube Video, and would like to know how to do it. How to Change the Color of my TAB and the Font? https://imgur.com/a/a8nJjpE Can someone please help me? King Regards, D.Gaming
  5. Hello Jamie R, Thank you very much for your Help. The Problem has been solved by changing the Game on DirectX9. Please the TruckersMP Staff to Remove this Post to Solved. King Regards User_2733988.
  6. User_2733988

    TAB Bug

    Hello TruckersMP, I created an Support Ticket, but Sabbi[GER] couldnΒ΄t Help me so I decided to take an new Topic here About TAB Bug. When I want to open my TAB to see how much Players are near, I became an extremly LAG... Truckers behind me on ca. 60 - 70m cannot awoid that LAG. That BUG came withing 1.35 Update. Please can someone Help me or try to fix it somehow. Thank you. King Regards User_2733988.
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