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    Im a simple man. Plays games, plays guitar, loves hookah, loves being socialized with people.
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  1. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    About colored trailers

    Thank you all for your answers! My next stop is suggestion topics.
  2. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    can't install

    You don't need to select an '.exe' file, you know it right? Just go to Steam\steamapps\common and just select the folder.
  3. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    About colored trailers

    Hello. I wonder if there is any way to activate the solid color mods for trailers for MP but without getting the load in SP first. So I want to get the load in MP. Is it possible?
  4. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    Steam Name or Forum name? POLL

    Hello all. I have a suggestion for this system. Truckers MP should bring group system like Steam so we can watch our company members like on Steam. Our Steam account won't be dedicated to ETS 2 only. Our Steam nickname will be free. Have a nice day. Oğuzhan Kabaçalı Anatolia Logistic - Manager
  5. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    Which one is you're favorite truck?

    Many people likes Scania because of Mighty Griffin DLC. But it is my favorite truck since I've began to play ETS2. Vabis
  6. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    Why do people speed?

    In my opinion, fast drivers think that driving fast is being kind of professional. But belive me it is not! They are trying to prove something to us, but the only thing we see are bad drivers as result of this.
  7. [AyY?ld?z] Oguzhan 22

    Blocking road / AFK on the road

    Server: Europe #1 Date: February 5 2015 Time: Between 6.30 - 7.30 in my timezone. Place: Between the road from Dortmund to Lyon. I was on gps' advised road and dont remember where is exactly. Perpetrator(s): BastiZockerLP Description: I was delivering my trailer to Lyon from Dortmund. While driving i saw him and reported. But any admin didnt do anything even i reported him for three times. Video/Picture: http://i.imgur.com/G3JQDDV.jpg