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  1. First of all i am using google translate Proposal name: TMP original delivery event Proposal Description: delivery to all cities Image example: N / A Why do I need to add it? : As you know, the number of TMP players has decreased since V1.41, and there are only people on the CD route. I think that if you deliver to each city like the SCS Christmas event, people will be dispersed and people will return to TMP. Many convoy events are held, but many people cannot participate depending on the time of day. I myself too As a reward, you can put a badge on the TMP profile according to the number of deliveries. I think I can do my best at the event if I have a purpose
  2. Hello!

    Thank you for following🤗

  3. We look forward to the development of the tmp
  4. Congratulations 7 Year anniversary I wish the success of the event
  5. All season completed !! Thank you TMP
  6. Hello! Hope to ban double and triple trailers and beacon in densely populated areas Thanks for your time.
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