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  1. I disable random events while driving on simulated servers,However, in MP, due to the lack of synchronization, it is recommended not to use them.
  2. I've always used a real manual transmission to better experience driving pleasure.
  3. Hey ~Welcome to Truckers MP! First you have to read the rules. Then follow the traffic rules. Finally, avoid Calais and Duisburg
  4. Haha, but there are still many people who choose to go there, aren't there? Duisburg and Calais are integral parts I also want to know why Duisburg is busy.
  5. Sometimes the car is really a headache, hoping to separate a server.
  6. I will use voice navigation, I hope more content can be updated.
  7. Do you prefer team work or individual work? I feel that the team has the fun of the team and the individual has the fun of the individual. What do you think?
  8. I chose Scandinavia 8x4. I chose Scandinavia 8x4.
  9. Scandinavia should be the best choice
  10. I like the trails in Scandinavia, Italy and France.
  11. Duisburg is a terrible place.Every time you pass by, you have to be congested.
  12. 谢谢 也祝贺 CX VTC的成立,GTR VTR 将会携手 CX VTC 共创友谊之桥。
  13. GTR VTC,我们来自中国,成立于2016年11月29日。目前,我们有300多名运动员。我们参加了许多国内外的大型活动,组织和参加了许多官方的MP活动。众所周知,中国是一个拥有千年文化的国家,也是无数卡车爱好者。我们致力于成为最好的卡车爱好者。欧洲卡车模拟器2 VTC也欢迎所有对欧洲卡车模拟器2感兴趣的玩家加入我们。 如果您想加入GTR或了解更多信息,请查看以下链接: •我们的网站:http://www.gtrets2.com/ •Bilibili(例如YouTube):https://space.bilibili.com/352280782/ •蒸汽:HTTP://steamcommunity.com/groups/gtr-vtc •QQ:https://jq.qq.com/?_wv=1027&k=5k2lquS 从游戏到现实,从平凡到非凡,让每次遭遇都成为我们不可或缺的一部分--GTR
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