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  1. I think this may actually cause more chaos than it will prevent... There's usually people intentionally following GM's to be "cool" which results in lots of reckless overtaking and crashes to be #1 behind them. And...the majority of people intentionally breaking the rules don't care whether there's a moderator nearby or not.
  2. I don't like that it sits far off the corner of the screen and the shortcuts of commands have become ironically harder to use despite them existing to make it easier, but I do otherwise like the look of it and the added support for more languages. On larger screens its also way too large unless you modify the config file manually to make it even smaller..but that isn't too big of an issue
  3. A lot of the players you see driving fast are using 730/750hp engines and 6 speed allison gearboxes and light (10t or less)/no cargo (the least realistic setup possible), but honestly you won't have too much of a major difference between manual and automatic shifting. In theory yes it may be a little bit faster to shift manually, but probably not be worth the extra effort to you UNLESS you enjoy the act of manually shifting. Generally speaking I wouldn't worry too much about not being as fast as other people anyways, its not a racing game at the end of the day and I guarantee you will catch up to them in stopped traffic anyways if you are driving in busy areas.
  4. What they use is actually listed in the privacy policy: Device details: hashed version of HWID, MAC, volume serial number and computer name Network details: IP, geographical information based on the IP, the server you are joining, your player tag and player name All of which can be changed/spoofed...but I think its comprehensive enough to work.
  5. I think they are fine on the road, i've seen much worse driving from people in trucks. If the 160/180hp engines were removed and a 90hp engine was put in though it would fix a lot of problems with people thinking its for racing
  6. The minimum allowed scaling for the HUD in the settings actually doesn't go small enough for me...I use a 1440p monitor that's fairly large compared to most (32"), so it measures at 7.75" x 5" (200 x 125mm) in real life size which is...a bit excessive. I get it for smaller 1440p monitors needing larger scaling but for me its way too big and could use some more allowance in how small it can get.
  7. IMO, at that point it would make more sense to just redesign the road to have multiple lanes in each direction (like the map edit for April 1st) as the problem isn't people not being able to get past each other, instead the problem is all the points that force people to cross traffic and both of the fuel stations can easily cause gridlock (and often do) Also I wouldn't rely on people not using the lane just because "they aren't supposed to/have no reason to", they can't even handle the one lane in each direction let alone having to share a lane down the center Not really possible to automatically detect people using it wrong, because how do you detect they're using it right? What if they're both using it right? I do agree with you on it having gotten really bad recently though...
  8. It's inevitable, but its not going to happen until they are at least 1/4 of all trucks on the road. Hydrogen or LPG trucks are likely to come before electric though, imo.
  9. You don't need to select the 1.48 temporary version, as the full 1.48 release has come out. Just select none in the betas. Also, it looks like the TruckersMP path is incorrect. Instead of "C:\Users\rpjwo\AppData\Local\TruckersMP\", it should be "C:\Users\rpjwo\AppData\Roaming\TruckersMP\installation"
  10. Geforce now actually requires you to verify you own the game in steam as they only rent computing power and don't sell games, so it wouldn't be a problem with that but more that there's no way nvidia are going to allow a mod like TMP that modifies the game's code externally, especially in the form that it currently sits with an external launcher
  11. Suggestion Name: More shortened commands for the in-game chat Suggestion Description: Add alternatives to typing out the entire commands, as some of them already have Any example images: Not needed Why should it be added?: A bunch of commands already have shortened versions you can type, but there's also a lot that don't. It will make it easier for everyone to type out the commands and make it quicker to use them as well. Examples: /channel -> /ch, /pinfo -> /pi, /time -> /t
  12. Hello, good night.

  13. The problem with this is that it encourages people to abuse the reporting system so they can then go abuse the rules earlier. If it were a small community of say 4000 people, then this system wouldn't put too much of a load of spam into the report system and incorrect reports could be appropriately dealt with. However, there are millions of registered users and lots of accounts are created every single day, so no matter how you look at it, the report system would become full of spam and stay that way. Basically, you shouldn't "gameify" reporting other players, because it will wreck the reporting system and create extra toxicity in the playerbase which we really don't need.
  14. Unfortunately the only way to report a player that has deleted their account is through the feedback system https://truckersmp.com/feedback to the game moderation management.
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