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  1. Connection problem started after truckersmp updated multiplayer. My ping is fine "14" a long with download "2gb" and upload speed "765mbps, has been the same even before the last update My modem is up to date with software from xfinity, I've tried wireless and cable, still has the problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both ATS on steam and ATSMP through they're website, game loads fine just every 5-10 mins while playing connection crashes than reconnects. My computer is only running the game and Logitech Profiler for my g27 wheel. I've looked through all the forums here to try and fix this problem and none of them have fixed it. Please help i'm about to just stop playing ATS all together....
  2. Thanks ThiagoBR_, and XFMaster9666 for the reply, today is my only day off this week and wont have another day off t play for weeks, was looking forward to playing with my friends tonight.
  3. Stream did a update today for ATS and TMP wont start up, every time it happen before at the launch screen for TMP it would show that i have to update it but its not. yall going to put a update not today?
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